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Firewire Surfboards

Manufactured in United States
Nev Hyman
Name: Nev Hyman
Years Shaping: 1971
Team Riders: Rob Machado, Kelly Slater, Timmy Reyes, Stuey Kennedy, Wingnut
With over 30 years of shaping experience, Firewire Surfboards was founded by Nev Hyman, and are not seen as one of the leaders in surfboard progression and technology around the world. Today Firewire work with some of the worlds leading shapers and surfers to advance their collection of high performance surf craft. The team is made up of Nev Hyman, Kelly Slater, Daniel Thomson, Jon Pyzel, Rob Machado, Greg Webber, Dan Mann and Gary Linden to ensure a strong Firewire team. Being one of the first companies to implement computer aided shaping, Firewire technology pushes the boundaries in surf construction and shaping developments.

Leading shapers like Jon Pyzel now offer their popular board models like the Pyzelalien in Firewire tech, combining the best shapes with the best surfboard construction. Firewire with Nev and Dan Mann continue to look at new and interesting high performance board templates that push the boundaries of conventional surfboard design. Having worked closely with elite level team riders to gain valuable feedback for board development, Firewire continue to provide pros with the best performance templates on the market.

With some of the world's best surfers like Michel Bourez, Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Timmy Reyes and Taylor Jensen using Firewire technology, you know you can rely on it to deliver the best in performance surfing. Their experimentation with epoxy resins, EPS foam cores and sandwich constructions, have raised the bar in surfboard design and performance and we are excited to see what's on the horizon for Firewire Surfboards.

2018-07-22 06:56:06
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