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Big Guy Surfboards

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Come check out the line of Surfboards for Big Guys at to help you find and customize the right size board for you. Whether you are looking for performance or a cruiser, being a bigger guy can pose a challenge when looking for the right board that will allow you to catch more waves and stay in the sweet spot. Most shapers don't keep stock of boards catering to the bigger or larger surfers, and guaranteed you can not find what you need off the rack at a surf shop. Take a look a some options like the Power Pill by Timmy Patterson Surfboards or the Zeppelin by Chemistry Surfboards or use Boardcave's patent pending Board Engine to find a good choice and customize it to your size and abilities. Chat Live on to help you find a selection of surfboards designed for the bigger surfer. Our Big Guy Surfboards are all shaped by some of America's leading surfboard shapers. Don't settle for the wrong board, find what you need and customize it today, having it safely delivered to your door.

SURFBOARD SELECTION: For more Big Guy Surfboards use our Patent Pending Board Engine to find the right big guy surfboard model to suit your surfing needs. Then customize and order your surfboard directly with our leading shapers on
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