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Want to search for Cheap Surfboards? You can use our patent pending Board Engine to help you find, customize and buy from a selection of surfboards that suit your surfing needs. Compare the prices and details of surfboard models from America's leading shapers to find the cheapest surfboard. Note: Having the proper surfboard for your ability and needs is essential. Don’t waste your time in the water riding the wrong board.

Used Surfboards are sometimes a good way to go when you are starting out, but you have to be careful that you are finding the proper surfboard. The right Beginner Surfboard will allow you to catch more waves, learn new maneuvers and is the fastest way to improve your surfing, resulting in a better surfing experience. Buying a cheap surfboard straight off the rack to save a few bucks can be a bad idea. Waisting your time in the water on the wrong equipment will result in a frustrating time trying to learn or improve your surfing skills. On you learn more about surfboards at The Surfer's Corner where we have a lot of useful information and articles covering everything from Selecting the Perfect Surfboard to basic Surfboard Care to ensure you get the right board and make it last as long as possible.

With, you can compare surfboards from America's leading surfboard shapers to find the cheapest surfboard that is right for you.

You can browse through our range of cheap surfboards to find the right board that will work for you. Use today to connect with leading shapers and order your next board. Improve your surfing by buying your next surfboard customized for your needs on CHAT LIVE with one of our experienced customer service representatives, use the Board Engine or email us at to find the perfect surfboard for you from some of the world’s leading surfboard shapers.

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