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Single Fin Surfboards

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Looking to have your own single in the quiver? Want to get that feeling of taking a high line into a soul arching bottom turn? Check out our selection of shapers that can whip you up the perfect Single Fin Surfboards. From performance orientated to classic retro replica style single fins, the Single Fin Surfboard is a staple design in surfing history. The classic style history from Gerry Lopez to the legendary Michael MP Peterson, the Single Fin is still a popular choice for surfers looking for something unique in their quiver. You can also browse the selection of single fin templates available through brands like Futures Fins, Captain Fin Co and FCS. Use our Board Engine to find, compare and customize your own Single Fin Surfboards from one of the leading shapers on

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SURFBOARD SELECTION: Our Patent Pending Board Engine will show you a selection of Single Fin Surfboards from some of the leading shapers in America. Use the Surfboard Reviews to help you select a suitable surfboard, and customize your order directly on

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