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Calculate your Surfboard Volume with the The Board Engine

The Board Engine

Get the right surfboards for your needs by finding the proper Surfboard Volume for your surfing ability and the style of board you want. Find a range of boards using our Board Engine and see your recommended surfboard volume, and customize your order directly on

Our Board Engine has a built in surfboard volume calculator that will show you the correct surfboard model and size based on your ability and calculated volume. Boardcave's mission is to help you find the right surfboard for your needs and abilities, and connect you to the shapers who manufacture these boards. An important and often over-looked variable in selecting the right surfboards is the Volume or Liters of a surfboard. The volume, shape and construction method of a board all play into how it will paddle float and surf. Simply put, if you ride a surfboard with the wrong volume you will have a difficult time paddling into waves or out into the line up, your board may feel unstable or sluggish, and as a result you will not have as much fun.

The Board Engine also takes other variables into consideration for selecting the right models for you to compare. Your height, weight, fitness, skill level, waves type, etc. all add to the way a certain board will perform for you. Whether you are experienced or a beginner, weekend warrior or daily devotee, one thing that is true for all levels is that you need the right board if you want to improve your skills and take your surfing to the next level. At, we ensure we prescribe the right surfboard for each surfer, and allow you to connect directly with leading shapers to customize and buy your perfect surfboard all directly on

SURFBOARD SELECTION: Use our Patent Pending Board Engine to find the recommended surfboard models that match your ability and needs, customize your order from one of our leading shapers, and buy directly on

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