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Monsta Box 2020 Swallow Tail Easy Rider (JS Industries) - 6' 0" x 20 " x 2 11/16" x 34.6L - FCS II

JS Industries


Monsta Box 2020 Swallow Tail Easy Rider (JS Industries) - 6' 0" x 20 " x 2 11/16" x 34.6L - FCS II

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By fusing the two best selling boards in the range together I have created a board that suits an even wider range of surfers and conditions.

The Monsta Box's features reflect all of the Monsta 8 and Blak Box 2's best bits, falling right in the middle to create a user-friendly yet still performance oriented board you can rely on around the year, and around the world. Monsta Box has more rocker and a narrower outline than the Blak Box 2, while it's fuller and flatter than the Monsta 8. I've blended these models to create a perfect combination of entry and exit rockers and given it a single to double concave.

Whether you’re travelling light or the budget's a little tight, this board has you covered. If you could only take one board to the beach then the Monsta Box is it!

Wave type Features Concave
monsta box squash Features
Length: 6' 0"
Tail Shape: Swallow
Blank Type: PU
Glassing: No
Fin Layout: Thruster
Fin System: FCS II
from $799

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Wave type

2-6ft, or waist high to well overhead. Great in many conditions from crumbly, flatter wave faces to good quality surf with hollow sections.




Medium low entry and exit rocker, with a bigger sweet spot under front foot. Overall height is the same as the original Monsta Box, placement of the curve has just been pushed more to the ends of the board.

Fin setup

MONSTA BOX 2020 comes stock as a thruster. Alternative setups are available with custom orders.

Glassing specs

Easy Rider boards 5'8" - 5'9" glassed standard with 4 oz. deck x 4 oz. bottom. Boards 5'10" - 6'2" glassed 4 x 3 oz. deck and 4 oz. bottom. 6'3 and up glassed standard with 4 x 4 oz deck x 4 oz. bottom (All sizes come standard with Hybrid Fibre tail strips)

Rail type

Monsta Box 2020 has medium full rails. This performance based rail shape allows for precision when the right section stands up, yet has enough volume to get you through fat sections or avoid catch in chop.


Easy Rider Rail

EasyRider boards are specifically designed to suit these dimensions, with more foam hidden under the chest, but a slightly lower rail to maintain responsiveness and still allow turning at high speeds. They’re not just blown up exactly from the regular dims, they’re based on the favourites from JS and Luke Egan – finely tuned during extensive testing to get the perfect balance of performance and forgiveness.



Similar to the Monsta 2020, although deeper throughout for more lift, suiting smaller / less powerful conditions. Single concave under front foot moves to double concave between the fins. Based on team favourites, JS chose to go back to his “reverse concave” which is deeper under front foot and shallower at each end of the board. We found this to be the fastest of them all, as it creates maximum water flow.

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