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Haydenshapes Surfboards

Name: Hayden Cox
Shaping Company: Haydenshapes
Location: 32/14 Polo Ave, Mona Vale, NSW
Haydenshapes has quickly become a popular choice for surfers around the world, particularly in Japan the United States and Australia. Shaped by Hayden Cox the founder of Fiberflex Surfboards who has brought a new angle to the world of surfboard shaping with innovative shapes and technologies being used to raise the bar in performance surfing and all round fun.

It all started in Mona Vale NSW, when Hayden began his career shaping surfboards for his mates, which quickly grew into a full-time business. Hayden is one of the younger shapers on, but don't let this fool you into thinking he lacks experience. Hayden's age and creative flare has allowed for Hayden Surfboards design to take him to the top of the game and is proven, with leading surfers like Chris Anderson ripping on Hayden Shapes.

Haydenshapes Surfboard Models

  • Name: Ando All Star - One of Craig Anderson's signature performance shortboards designed to suit a progressive smooth style - Images by Hayden Surfboards.
  • The Ando - Craig Anderson’s signature, all round performance Fiberflex shortboard - Images by Hayden Shapes
  • The Psychedelic Germ - The board you can ride in all conditions up to 4ft that is going to be fast, responsive and easy to ride -Images by Hayden Surfboards
  • Blakcat FiberFlex Model - The Blakcat is the performance shortboard designed for the Hayden Shapes team - Images by Hayden Surfboards
  • The Hypto Krypto - The modern version of the retro fish - Images by Hayden Surfboards
  • The Merlot - Craig Andersons signature small wave model - Images by Hayden Surfboards
  • The Peanut - Shaped for the frothing grommet and is designed to suit riders from 25-50kg - Images by Hayden Surfboards
  • The Shred Sled - The Shred Sled is a fish design tweaked to be an all-round performance surfboard - Images by Hayden Surfboards
  • The Shred Sled Grom - Is a scaled down version of the Shred Sled, designed as an all round performance surfboard for progressing young rippers - Images by Hayden Surfboards
  • The Duplikator - Shaped for developing surfers - Images by Hayden Surfboards
  • The Golden Gun - Your step up board for conditions that require extra connection with the wave and paddle power - Images by Hayden Surfboards
  • Alex Knost X HS - Images by Hayden Surfboards

Haydenshapes Board Artwork

  • Daniel watkins a.k.a rad dan
  • Artist - Matthew Hungerford Pike otherwise known as
  • Artist - Jay Quirk - Images by Hayden Surfboards

Haydenshapes - Fiberflex Technology

  • The FiberFlex EPS is a completely custom surfboard shaped out of high density EPS  foam with a parabolic carbon fiber frame to create a board with a high energy, rapid spring back resulting in ultimate speed and drive - Images by Fiberflex
  • Marko Foams - Images by Fiberflex

Haydenshapes Videos

The Merlot from hayden cox on Vimeo.

Haydenshapes - Blakcat from Noods on Vimeo.

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