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Rip Off

The Rip Off is a board designed to tear apart smaller junky conditions. The full outline with wide point forward, lower rocker with extra flip out the tail, keep this board super fast yet highly maneuverable in the pocket.

The Rip Off is made for those who are looking for a super high performance small wave stick, but this board is very versatile and can be a blast in anything from 1 foot slop to head high hollow peelers. The wide outline and lower rocker make this board easy to paddle into any wave, super fast down the line on big hollow days or through small mushy sections and the extra flip in the tail allow this board to surf tight and in the pocket, whipping turns in a tight radius.

1-3 ft
Wave Height
4 / 5
Paddle Power
4 / 5
4 / 5

Rocker Info
Lower rocker.
Rail Info
Medium rails.
Concave Info
Deep single concave.