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Album Surfboards

Established in 2001, Album Surfboards has a focus on performance driven surfing and alternative shapes. Album Surfboards is a truly Californian surfboard company, with a showroom and headquarters in San Clemente and it's full production facility in Oceanside. Head Shaper Matt Parker creates one of a kind, uniques shapes that are designed to increase fun and promote progression in your surfing by opening up your mind to new feels.

Album is focused on speed and manoeuvrability through the development of clean lines, contours and curves. Their surfboard customization tailors boards specifically to each individual making sure every customer is surfing the perfect board for their size, weight and ability. Recently Album has been pioneering the Asymmetrical board movement releasing a series of alternate tail shapes such as the Fascination and the Disasym that have been regarded as an addictive spice up to your normal quiver.
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The Polyphonic is a prime example of modern fish versatility. You can surf this board when the waves are small and sloppy and when it picks up the pulled in outline lets you carve. Ride it 4-6 inches shorter than your shortboard and a little wider. The Polyphonic is Album Surf's most versatile board. A combination of shortboard style and fish looks, this board is a board for almost all conditions. With a low entry rocker and deep single into a double concave, this board wants to be ridden daily. See more


All the inspiration from days gone by, with contemporary curves. Nothing beats the speed and trim of a twin, except a modernized outline that allows you to put it on rail. The Modtwin is lightning fast. Fin boxes are closer to the tail so your feet are in the sweet spot. Epic for small to average days, but can hang when the waves are overhead. See more


A nimble, mid-length trim machine with a low, fast rocker. Flows and trims like a dream, while still allowing a loose, carvy feel in the pocket. A longboard alternative when the waves are small and weak and you don’t feel like lugging your log around. Catches anything. But with its sleek outline, performs well when the waves have some juice. Mix it up with a twin or quad to single. See more


Low & fast with hidden foam where you need it. Feels like you’re cheating - even though it looks like you’re riding a shortboard. Really low entry rocker, relaxed outline, made to ride shorter (ride a 5’11” if you normally ride a 6’1”). FUN. FUN. FUN. This is the only board a couple of our guys ride. See more


A fairly versatile board, the Freeform can be surfed in anything from 1 foot to head high, mushy, punchy or lined up. Depending on the fin configuration, you will have the surf of your life on this board.

A great all-around alternative shape, the Freeform is touted as a lazy alternative to your traditional shortboard. Slight wider, a little more volume in all the right places, proven rocker templates and your option of tail and fin configuration gives this board the ultimate free form.

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The best days for your Wilderness will depend on what you want it to do. As a very unique step-up fish, this board will love solid overhead barrels. Or order with a more traditional outline and you have a very functional board that will be a blast in the average day conditions we get 90% of the time.

A very unique design, based on a traditional fish yet refined into a very functional form that can handle good hollow waves or average medium size conditions. The Wilderness is fully customizable to act as a step up fish for good solid barrels when ordered a little longer and narrower, or more traditional style for average surf when ordered shorter and wider. Combine these variations with the unique bottom contours and set up as either a twin or quad, and you can have your step up reserved for the good hollow days, or your go-to for average everyday conditions.

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The Destroyer is a really fun board that goes best in chest-high and above conditions and can also be used on bigger waves when you need a step-up board. When you want to really let loose on some big stuff, this board is for you. Ride it at your normal shortboard dimensions or if you want to use it as a step up, ride it 1-3 inches longer.

The Destroyer is a modern performance board in the Album Surf range that excels in waist high to double overhead waves. With an aggressive rocker and a deep single concave for definite control and slick maneuverability, this board really lets you rip when the surf is pumping.

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The Supersede is designed to take the Mini Simmons style of board but add in more performance characteristics. Elongated sweet spot, and nimble when surfing off the back or front foot. A great option when you like to have a little more meat in your boards. The single to double with Vee out the tail and the pinched rail keeps this board fast, stable yet loose.

The Supersede is fairly versatile. Surf this board as you would a fish, in anything from softer, mushy small waves, to hollow punchy shoulder to head high.

See more


The Sledge is made to handle a wide variety of waves and conditions. Anywhere from 2 foot to 6 foot, mushy or peaky, lined up and barreling, or punchy shore break. You can set this board up with a wide range of fin configurations depending on what you want out of it. The Sledge is designed to be the little brother to the Ledge, made for slightly smaller, everyday kind of surf. See more


The Album Sub can be used either as a longboard alternative or a hybrid fish model. A great model for days when the surf is low and gutless, this board can create plenty of heat down the line and has surprising maneuverability for its shape. Ride 6-8 inches shorter and 1-2 inches wider than your standard shortboard. Can also be ridden longer if wanting a great longboard alternative. The Sub by Album Surf is a Bob Simmons inspired stub-nose that can be ordered as a twin, quad or single fin to give you some truly retro vibes. A typical wide stub nose combines with a low entry rocker and low rails for maximum surface area. A rolled in entry into a deep double concave through the tail gives plenty of release out the back. See more

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BRAND / Album Surfboards PROFILE
Album Surfboards

Location: San Clemente, California.

Team Riders: Josh Kerr, Andy Jones, Tyler Stanaland, Eric Geiselman, Otto Flores, Michael Townsend, Aaron Jesse, Gavin Harris, Sean Kimball and more.

Known for their functionally alternate board designs and attention to detail, the team at Album Surf desire to be different. Pathing the way with experimentation and development of templates to suit different levels of surfers from the most elite to the very beginner. Josh Kerr is one surfer who has recently found stoke with Album's designs, during his time on tour he completely raised the bar for aerial surfing and since his retirement has been cutting loose on his signature Insanity model an extremely versatile shred stick and the Modtwin a classic pin twin with psycho performance. Other more traditional performance shortboards such as the Blackline and Reboot will have you covered for the waves turn on!

Album surfboards also have an epic range of mid-length and longboards including Californian style logs such as the Coda and the Social which has unlimited fin options for unlimited fun.

Browse the range of Album surfboards above and customise it to suit your surfing needs. The range of Album surfboards are extremely configurable and available in some ground breaking constructions such as "Lumicork" a combination of Cork, Aluminium that you won't find with any other brand. Album put a lot of effort into making sure their customers get the best possible outcome, so place your order and unlock your dream quiver today.
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