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DHD Surfboards

DHD Surfboards is the brand behind arguably the world's most renowned performance surfboard shaper, Darren Handley. DH works closely with some of the world's most elite professional surfers such as Mick Fanning, Stephanie Gilmore, Matt Wilkinson, Owen Wright and Ethan Ewing in order to refine his models and help to advance the team's surfing to the next level. This close collaboration between Shaper and Surfer has been the key to the brand's success for many years.

DHD has plenty of performance models in their range such as the 3DV, 3DX and DX1 and step ups like the Sweet Spot 3.0 and Sandman. They also offer more friendly templates like the Phoenix, Mini Twin and renowned all round performer Black Diamond.  you're bound to find a board that suits your needs.

For more info on the brand's history and team hit the profile link below.

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The WILKO F13 was designed by DHD and Matt Wilkonson to create the ultimate small wave performance shortboard! See more


The Sandman by DHD was developed with versatility in mind. Darren Handley's idea behind this board was to create a performance shortboard that would make surfing effortless for the average person. It is quite adaptable and can be used as a semi step-up surfboard for the regular surfer.

The widest point of the board has been moved up a couple of inches which creates paddle power. However, the beauty of this board is that it didn't lose its trademark DHD Performance.

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The Pocket Knife by DHD is the ultimate everyday small wave surfboard to improve your wave count. It has been designed as a versatile small wave performance option. It holds up in anything from 1-4ft. The wide point has been moved forward adding extra volume in the nose for natural speed and an easy paddle. The smooth outline gets pulled into a tight rounded tail for hold in steep waves and extra response.

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The MF twin by DHD has been developed with legendary 3 x World Champion surfer Mick Fanning himself. Since he is no longer on the World Championship Tour he has been experimenting more with surfboards. However, he has been riding twins since he was a grom. He wanted a twin that is fast, able to perform quick snaps in the pocket and have enough hold while carving. It has more rocker and concave than a classic twin fin in order to offer what he wanted. 

Check out the FCS MF Twin Fins specifically designed for this board.

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The DX1 PHASE 3 by DHD Surfboards is the latest evolution of the poplular DX1 Jack Freestone The key refinements of the Phase 3 DX1 is a little extra width in the nose and tail as well as more foam under the chest. The rocker is a touch lower and the concave has been reduced allowing it get up and go quicker and be free through turns. Perfect for the softer waves of summer when you want an all rounded shortboard that's going to give you the best performance possible.

Includes FREE Signature Phase 3 Fade Artwork. Choose at Step 5. See more


The Phoenix is the latest performance shortboard design from Mick Fanning and Darren Handley. Mick has been riding this board in a 5'6" all summer when the waves are up to 4ft and under. Low entry rocker for instant speed but enough lift in the tail that you can confidently rip. The Mick Fanning Phoenix is lightning fast and as high performance as a small wave board can get. If you want to rip and shoot down the line on even the smallest of the days then this is the board for you.

Please Note: Flame spray not included. Please select at step 5.

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This is the MF DNA Round Tail high-performance board with the same specifications and design that Mick himself is riding. With a single to double concave through the fins, it has plenty of drive. The MF signature rocker also combines entry rocker with a nice amount of tail kick for plenty of speed.

The DNA Round Tail has been designed and refined by Darren and Mick over the years to really excel in clean, pumping surf. Great for driving and pushing through turns with nice release of its energy and smooth transitions from rail to rail. Surf like Mick does when it's clean and pumping. See more

The Black Diamond EPS is a fan-favorite all-rounder board that can do a bit of everything.

Packed with added flotation to allow for easy paddling and entries but still loaded with all the performance needed when the waves turn on.

Designed with a more pulled in tail to assist in keeping you in the pocket and draw out turns. The widest point is more forward, which increases volume in the nose area and drops the entry rocker slightly. The Black Diamond EPS paddles extremely well and is fast off the front foot.

Looking for the PU version of this model? Check out the Black Diamond.

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The 3DX is all about more volume, more waves & more fun. The 3DX is designed to get you onto weaker waves with ease whilst generating speed, flow, and performing loose and lively.

Loaded with a wider outline through the nose and tail, your wave count will be increased and your maneuvers enhanced.

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The 3DV is full of performance and volume for the core surfer that is looking to take their surfing to the next level. Improved with a slight vee running through the tail to create turns with less effort and release more drive during rail to rail surfing.

Perfect for all conditions and all waves! See more

28 items found
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DHD - Darren Handley Designs

Location: Burleigh Heads

Trained with: Murray Bourton

Darren Handley grew up on Australia's wave rich Gold Coast, a unique place in the World with regards to the high concentration of world famous waves and the talent the coast continually produces. It is the Gold Coast's variety of waves that has allowed Darren to hone his skills for creating the most responsive boards in the world.

Team Riders:
Mick Fanning, Steph Gilmore, Ethan Ewing, Matt Wilkinson, Jacob Willcox, Liam Obrien, Luke Hynd, Mark Matthews, Malia Manuel, Isabella Nichols, Laura Enever,& more.

Regarded as one of the world's best shapers, the writing is on the wall in terms of DH's achievements, including 3X WSL World Champion Mick Fanning and 6X WSL Women's World Champion Stephanie Gilmore.

DH is not simply a shaper, but rather the complete surfboard manufacturer. "At nearly 50 years old, I'm still picking up the sander and working in the glass room, I'm hands on. It's all about the perfect surfboard, and surrounding yourself with the most skilled workers in the industry, to create that ultimate ride." - DH

Although Darren has paved much of the way for himself, he is heavily influenced by his team riders and those closest to him in the surfing community. No one has passion like DH, and when it comes to making surfboards he has devoted his life to giving everyone the ultimate experience when they ride a DHD board.

DH has dedicated his life to creating the ultimate high performance surfboard, and as an industry leader he continues to set standards for quality and performance.