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T. Patterson Surfboards

T Patterson Surfboards has been a leader in high performance surfboards since it was founded in 1980 by Timmy Patterson, a second generation board shaper with a lineage dating back to the industry inception in the 1950s. Learning the industry first hand from both his father and uncles, Timmy Patterson has developed a range of high-performance surfboards that fuse innovation, creativity, and classic surfboard design.

Through working with pros like Italo Ferreria, Matt Archbold, Gavin Beschen, Pat O'Connell, Andy Irons, Christian Fletcher, Jordy Smith, Adriano de Sousa, Timmy Reyes, and Bobby Martinez, T Patterson Surfboards bring functional yet innovative board shapes together to create high-performance boards for all types of conditions.

Some popular T Patterson models include the Rising Sun and the Stalker and the F-15 Italo Ferreira.
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Speed Drive
T Patterson


The Speed Drive holds true to its name with its ability to generate and hold speed and drive right from the start and through your turns. With a medium entry rocker, flat through the center and flip out the tail, this board paddles great, holds speed, and keeps performance levels up when the waves are down.

Designed as a groveler for those smaller to medium days, the Speed Drive will handle all conditions and up to around head high + beach breaks, smaller reefs, and points are all in the bag with the Speed Drive. See more


The ultimate board of fun! The Pool Party model designed by Italo Ferreira is something that is still super snappy and drivey, yet fits in the pocket on chest to just overhead style waves.

This board comes standard in medium-full rail with a lower rocker, and the bottom runs from a single to slight double concave that fades into subtle vee off the tail. We recommend riding this model a couple of inches shorter than your standard go-to performance board. It's also recommended to go wider which will get you a more suitable volume fit. See more

Step Up
T Patterson


The Step Up is exactly what it sounds like...a step up board for when your local turns on or you truly score on your trip. No one like to be under-gunned, so everyone should have a step up of some sort in their quiver. This Step Up keeps the wide point in the center for maximum paddle speed, and with single to double concave keeps you moving fast all while under full control. This board is designed to feel comfortable from the first time you ride it...a very important attribute for a board that only comes out when it gets serious.

The Step Up is best in those rare days when your local break is overhead + and you need a board that can handle the juice. This board will feel comfortable right from the get go, so make sure to pack it in your quiver for trips, the last thing you want is a board that can't handle some size when you are on the trip of a lifetime. See more

Single Fin
T Patterson


The Timmy Patterson Single Fin can be designed for many different styles of surfing and wave types. Typically you can expect to see flatter deck with semi down rails, Fuller nose that foils into the classic beak nose. Vee bottom that runs all the way off the tail. You can order this model in many different ways. Its recommended as a custom order board. See more

Devil Fish
T Patterson


Not your typical "retro fish" the Devil Fish brings a whole new level of progressive performance surfing to a traditional design. Thinned out rails out the tail give you bite and hold for fast, hard turns. Flat concave to Vee out the tail makes this board unbelievably fast yet very responsive a quick for rail to rail transitions and the semi down rails keeps your board locked in the waves face, yet releases with ease when you need it to.

The Devil Fish, at first sight, looks more suited to small to medium clean days, but you will be surprised at what this board can handle and where it can put you. Rip the bag out of either small mushy or punchy waves, carve long sweeping turns or hit the lip a 100 times, even punt it off that section, this board does it all. Works best as a twin or a quad depending on your style. See more

T Patterson

The Twinner is designed for those who love speed and want to surf a board that is fast yet nimble. A slightly fuller outline with the wide point forward gets you into waves easily, while the single concave to Vee out the tail gets you generating speed right on the take-off but allows you to surf it rail to rail quickly and easily. Fast, high-performance surfing at speed.

The Twinner works in anything from knee-high to a little overhead. Better on a clean, fast wave, but can handle a bit of chop with ease. Works best with bigger side fins for extra drive, and a smaller trailer for a bit more control, but surfs great as a standard thruster or quad as well. See more

T Patterson


A little refinement from the popular Spud model, the Scorpion is geared towards fast surfing and laying the board on rail. With the wide point slightly forward, even foam distribution, lower rocker and single concave to vee, this board paddles very well, is lightening fast, and super responsive at high speeds. While a little flip in the tail allows you to still whip it tight in the pocket.

The scorpion work best in good quality waves anywhere from waist to a little overhead high, and wants to be surfed fast and hard off the rail. Don't hesitate and surf it hard! See more

Rising Sun
T Patterson


The Rising Sun is a board that will dangerously become your go-to for 90% of your surfing. The wider outline is in contrast to a nicely pulled in nose and a double bump pulled in squash tail. This gets you into waves easily and flying over flat sections, but also keeps you carrying your speed through your turns and highly responsive off the tail. The flip in the tail only adds to the performance of this board.

A serious go-to board for the majority of your daily surfs, the Rising Sun works extremely well in waves ranging in size from ankle-high to overhead and any condition. Glassy, windy, punchy beach break, lined up points, etc. you name it this board loves it. See more

Flying Saucer
T Patterson

The Flying Saucer is a specialty that Timmy had been holding on to for 25 years. A board built for those who have everything except something like this. A surprisingly fun, high-performance board usually for smaller weaker days when you need a little more float in a small package. Low rocker with single to double concave and Vee out the tail, this board goes fast and holds through fast turns no problem. Use the Vee for easy rail to rail transitions.

Best for those smaller, mushy days when you still want to rip a wave apart and take to the air, however the Flying Saucer is also a blast in clean waves and up to shoulder or head high. Get this board as an alternative to anything else you own and see what lines you can draw on it. See more


The F-15 is a high performance shortboard developed for the 2019 WSL Champion Italo Ferreira. It features a well balanced outline that foils into a wider nose to create stability upon returning from radical maneuvers. If it's proof of this board's functionality you are looking for then tune into the video below to see him shredding. See more

17 items found
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BRAND / T. Patterson Surfboards PROFILE

T. Patterson Surfboards

Team Riders & Ambassadors: Italo Ferreria, Alan Cleland Jnr, Italo Mesinas, Gavin Beschen

With high-performance shortboards like the Speed Drive and more performance all-rounders like the Triple X combined with other one board all rounders like the Spud, you can see how a T Patterson quiver will sort you out in most conditions. With his Step Up option for overhead waves and a range of small wave go-to hybrids like the Flying Saucer, Rising Sun and The Pill Two, you can go from 1ft to overhead without venturing outside the T Patterson range. For something a little more fishy, you can also check out the fish inspired variation to the Flying Saucer or even go a little more progressive with the Devil Fish model. These are all even before you look at the fun California inspired log, the TPLB.

T Patterson boards have amalgamated modern and creative styles to bring a high-level of performance surfboards, check out the range above to find your ultimate wave rider today!