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Top 10 Surfboards

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  1. Chemistry
  2. Chilli
  3. Gary McNeill
  4. Haydenshapes
  5. JS Industries
  6. Panda
  7. Pyzel
  8. Sharp Eye
  9. T Patterson
Wave Height

The Solution is the most diverse model in the Chemistry range. It can serve as a beginner model in larger sizes and provide something completely different in a smaller size for the experienced surfer or alternatively as a mid length. The most unique feature of this model is the concave on the deck which makes paddling more comfortable and the feeling of control associated with having your feet closer to the water. Whilst it sounds strange the feeling this board achieves is something you need to try. See more


The F-15 is a high performance shortboard developed for the 2019 WSL Champion Italo Ferreira. It features a well balanced outline that foils into a wider nose to create stability upon returning from radical maneuvers. If it's proof of this board's functionality you are looking for then tune into the video below to see him shredding. See more


The Ghost has been developed with the Pyzel Team riders over a number of years to give you a board that performs in Bigger Better Waves. With full volume through the front section combined with a lower rocker, the Ghost can really fly while the round tail and double concave in the lower half help keep you in control.

The Pyzel Ghost goes best in more powerful waves like reef breaks, drainy, dumpy beach breaks or when you want to draw long lines on your favourite point break.

Looking for the Grom version of this model? Check out the Ghost Grom.

Looking for the step up version of this model for serious waves? Check out the Ghost Pro.

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The Phantom XL is based off the Pyzel Phantom as a more user friendly model for the bigger surfer. The Phantom XL offers more width and thickness compared to the Phantom and is great for smaller waves and those surfers looking for an easy board to paddle and catch plenty of waves on.

The Phantom models are based off the Pyzel Ghost, with a few adjustments such as deeper single concave, wider overall outline and added rail thickness.

The Phantom XL goes best in subpar conditions around the waist high to just overhead range. The Phantom is easy to paddle, catches waves easily and allows you to rip in smaller conditions!

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Sharp Eye


The HT2.5 is the new and improved version of the HT2 and the Holy Toledo. Whilst still specialising in everyday conditions, the main alteration is the small channel that has been added behind the rear fin which enhances speed and drive. See more


The Classic Egg by Panda Surfboards is the perfect all-rounder for any surf conditions! With added volume up the front of the board, you will be gifted with extra paddle power and a guaranteed smooth ride. It is recommended to ride this board as a single fin with sides or as a quad. See more


The Astro Pop is the ultimate funformance design from Pyzel. Built from the Astro Glider, this board is designed to give you easy paddling and extra performance in slower waves to bring more fun to your surf!

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The Raging Bull is built for better surf and proves to be a versatile travel board. Designed with the help of legend 'Occy', the world's next best user-friendly high-performance board is here.

When the surf is smaller, grab the Bullseye and get out there! See more


Ever wondered if there was a board like the Plunder but with a touch more performance? The Loot is that board! It features less width in the nose and a 5 fin setup for more shredding versatility. See more


The Faded 2 by Chilli Surfboards is the updated version of the original Faded. Team rider Jay Davies has been test riding and narrowing down on the flaws of the original for the past couple of years until he settled on this latest version which according to him helps paddle into waves even earlier. The updates of the Faded Two include added volume through the center up to the front of the board and added vee through the tail which allows the Faded 2.0 to be more versatile for rail surfing rather than a pick your line type step up.

All the features that make up this board are finely tuned to cover all travel scenarios when it could be 3ft or 10ft. For the break down of concave, rocker and rails see below!

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