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Tyler Wright

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  1. FCS
  2. Pyzel
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  1. Black / White
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  1. M
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  1. FCS
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  1. Performance Core
Wave Height

The Shadow is the new high-performance shortboard addition to the Pyzel range.

The Shadow is a still a wider, forward outlined type of board. The nose is pulled in by almost a ½ inch and some extra rocker is added through the nose to keep it free and flowy through critical turns. It features a gentle hip for a looser feel and a pulled in squash tail to help tighten the turning radius. The tail rocker and bottom concave are very similar to the Phantom model, which has been proven to work really well in everyday conditions in waves around the world.

There is added foam under the chest area to help increase paddle power and provide you with extra float under your front foot in slower sections. It is recommended to ride the Shadow about your height or an inch over. See more



Winner of the 2017 STAB In The Dark, the Radius combines aspects of both the Flash and the Pinky models. Added rocker gives the board a slightly more snappy feel. Combine this with a generous single concave, and you get a board with more speed, and a vibrant feel. The subtle hip outline ensures you get a bit more redirection ability making the board a great option for everyday sessions in any kind of wave.

The Radius is a great board for powerful wave surfing as well as in weaker surf. The added hip ensures the reaction to turning in everyday conditions allows for a playful and responsive feel whilst adding speed for when the conditions pick up. See more

The FCS II Pyzel PC Tri Fins have been designed in collaboration with Jon Pyzel of Pyzel Surfboards as a reliable all round template that pairs with a large number of his models. It has a longer base for drive and stability and tapered tip for a good amount of release off the lip. Best surfed in performance shortboards and small wave performance boards.

*Please Note: this fin is designed to be used exclusively with the FCS II Fin System, and will not fit in the traditional FCS Dual Plug System. See more

3 items found