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Beginner Surfboards

See our selection of Beginner surfboards to find the right board for your surfing needs from Fiberglass Beginner Surfboards to Soft Beginner Surfboards.

Soft Top Surfboards for beginners or kids can be a good option because of the user friendly foam surfboard material they are made with. They are very durable and buoyant for beginners looking to catch their first waves. Selecting the right Beginners surfboard when learning to surf is essential so you can advance quickly and learn the skills needed to get out back of the waves and start learning how to read and catch waves. Surfboards for beginners can vary depending on the waves you will be surfing and how often you will be surfing.

To learn more about what to look for in a beginner board, view our Beginner's Guide to Buying a Surfboard.
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Wave Height


The MF x DHD Black Diamond by Mick Fanning Softboards has a pulled in tail that gives you better speed control and lets you easily draw out turns into the curves of a steep or hollow wave face. The widest point is located in the forward area, creating more volume in the nose area making it easier to paddle and fast off the front foot.

This MF x DHD Black Diamond soft top surfboard is an all-around performer, big on volume but very capable of making turns on a dime.

Dimensions: 6'6" x 21 3/16" x 2 15/16" (44L)


  • Includes FREE set of soft fins
  • Fin System: Futures
  • 3 fin thruster setup
  • EPS Core
  • Hydro carbon spine
  • Soft exterior shell
  • E-cloth / Epoxy internal shell
  • Deck: 6oz + 2 x 4oz E-cloth + 4mm IXPE Soft Skin
  • Bottom: 6oz E-Cloth + 4mm Slick Skin HDPE
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The Big Baron is the first offical mid length by JS Industries inspired by the generations before us who rode extra volume to their full advantage. If you have yet to get on the mid length wagon then let the performance infused Big Baron take you to new heights.

It features a wider plan shape with a wide point forward and an overall flatter rocker that allows you to easily generate speed and hold momentum. To control the speed and give this model more range into bigger waves JS has kept the rails low and knifey. However where the Big Baron excels is on the points especially when you need to paddle battle against a busy lineup.

Stock boards use Epoxy resin, custom orders use PU resin.

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The Mid Strength by Chilli Surfboards was designed by Head Shaper James Cheal whilst he was recovering from a knee injury. He wanted a surfboard that paddled into waves effortlessly but had enough performance when you were up that you could still rip the way you wanted. This high performance mid length features a wide nose outline that pulls in at the tail. It's soft rails and curved line keep it forgiving and fun in a wide range of conditions.

Take it out in ankle to above head high waves and feel out what this board can really do. The extra volume will get you into waves early whilst the longer rail line will have you drawing out your carves with style.

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The Yang by Superbrand is part of the SUPERsymmetry collection. Designed to be as versatile as a mid lengthed surfboard can be by taking a modern approach to a classic egg design. Featuring a wide point forward outline that makes for easy paddling and early take offs that allow you to set your line before the wave gets too critical. If you're looking for a mid length that can step it up on the points when the swell is in town then look no further. See more

Yin Mid Length


The Yin by Superbrand is part of their SUPERsymmetry collection. Designed for effortless glide and trim the Yin is a Mid Length reminiscent of the "Pig" shape that was first created in the mid 50's by shaper Dale Velzy. The Pig is a wide point back outline that favors steezy surfing and transitions that are all about flow. Surf as a stand along single if dialling it back to surfings roots is of interest to you or pop in the trailers for more drive and control in larger waves. See more



The Standard by Chemistry Surfboards is the quintessential Californian Noserider in their Cursive line.

Suitable for beginners or advanced longboarders, the Standard Log features a deep tear drop concave in the nose which creates lift when perched on the nose. A wide outline and relaxed rocker will allow you to glide into the smallest of waves whist the rolled vee towards the fin section loosens up the tail when stepped on for some swooping turns. See more

Lazy Cat


The Lazy Cat by Chemistry Surfboards is the second mid length in their Cursive line, a collection of more retrospective shapes. A truly versatile surfboard that is designed to be a fast easy paddling glider in small waves or an early entry tube seeker in bigger surf. Featuring that wide point forward outline that pulls in at the tail with rails that are low enough to let you draw out your turns whilst remaining user friendly for beginners. The Lazy Cat is your answer to a one board quiver and can be ordered in a range of fin layouts depending on your desired approach. See more


The Hippy Fling is the newest addition to the Superbrand Fling family. It features a more pulled in squash tail with a hip for increased performance in smaller surf.

The Hippy Fling is perfect for when you are wanting to rip in smaller to medium sized waves. See more


The Classic Egg by Panda Surfboards is the perfect all-rounder for any surf conditions! With added volume up the front of the board, you will be gifted with extra paddle power and a guaranteed smooth ride. It is recommended to ride this board as a single fin with sides or as a quad. See more


The Mid Ranger is a super fun, midlength egg design! It features a slight vee entry into a single concave through to a vee between the feet, which allows for great pivot, and flat out the tail. The Mid Ranger can be ridden as a single fin, single with sides, or a quad. It's great for all surfers no matter their ability and can be surfed in a very wide range of conditions. See more

60 items found
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