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Grom Surfboards

This category is for the Groms that are progressing fast with their surfing. Most of these boards are dimmed down High Performance Surfboards and have many of the same attributes. If you can't find what you're looking for in this selection you may be able to select smaller dims for some of the models you see in the other categories such as Hybrid Surfboards, Small Wave Performance or Classic.

Popular Grom models include the Pyzel - Super Grom and Chemistry - Young Buck plus more forgiving options such as the Chilli - Mini Bird and the Pyzel - Gromlin. Any young surfer who is shredding on these boards is well on their way to becoming the next World Tour Champ.

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Wave Height


The Grom Plus is a wider, shorter grom board to take a grommets performance surfing to the next level. The wider outline through the middle, extra volume at your front foot and pulled in squash tail makes for a snappy responsive shortboard. This board is fast and planes over sections, it's also an easier paddle to catch more waves and get in early.

The Grom Plus has been refined with the super grom Kobi Clements in the Maldives and is for the younger surfer looking to take their surfing to the next level. See more

Nitro Youth Y-FI
JS Industries

The Nitro Youth Y-FI is a great option for younger surfers who are keen to progress their surfing to the next level. Great for more advanced groms looking for an alternative to their everyday shortboard. See more

Grom Two

The Grom Two by Chilli Surfboards is the ultimate young shredder model. No performance is compromised for the making of this board as everything you find in high perfomance Chilli models such as the Nevada HP and the A2 are dimmed down but present for the younger generation to progress their surfing to new heights. See more


The Ghost Grom has been developed with the Pyzel Team riders over a number of years to give the groms a board that performs in Bigger Better Waves. With similar characteristics of the Pyzel Ghost such as full volume through the front section combined with a lower rocker, the Ghost Grom can really fly while the round tail and double concave in the lower half help keep you in control.

The Pyzel Ghost Grom goes best in more powerful waves like reef breaks, drainy, dumpy beach breaks or when you want to draw long lines on your favourite point break.

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The Toy X Jr.

The Toy X Jr. will be a go to performance shortboard for younger surfers and is the grom version of the Toy X. It has a slightly wider outline for easy paddling but still has the ability to fit tight in the pocket and get critical. Intermediate groms will take their surfing to the next level and advanced groms will get the most out of this model as a small wave performer which generates plenty of speed and forgiveness. See more


The Phantom GROM is the dimmed down version of the popular Pyzel Phantom model. Made for younger surfers to be ridden in everyday waves with the same feel as it's bigger brother. This model features all the same characteristics of the Phantom model so the groms can take their surfing to the next level.

The Phantom Grom goes best in average to good conditions around the waist high to just overhead range. The Phantom Grom is easy to paddle, catches waves easily and allows the younger surfer to rip in most conditions! See more



The Gromlin is the Grom version of the popular Gremlin model. This board is going to give you the same feel as the Ghost and Phantom models except in a chunkier, shorter shape for smaller waves. It's a further step down from the Phantom model and is predominantly used as a grovel board. It generates speed easily, offers plenty of paddle power but still has enough tail rocker for whipping through turns and milking every wave for what it's worth.

The Gromlin will get you pumped to surf on smaller days or fatter, fuller waves. It will maintain speed over fatter sections and offer extra paddle power. Ride with roughly 2-3 litres more than your standard shortboard. See more


The Indie Grom is designed to get the groms in the water to have a blast. It's a very user-friendly performance model and the smooth outline allows it to be consistent and flow through turns. See more


The Super Grom was designed with the purpose of allowing groms to take their surfing to the next level. Refined over the younger years of John John Florence, this model has the volume in all the right places to suit the smaller, younger surfer to take their high performance surfing to the next level.

The Super Grom was made for the smaller or younger surfer in mind. Wide point forward and a flatter rocker make this board easy to paddle and lightning fast. Groms can surf this board in anything from 1 foot to over grom head. This board will improve their surfing! See more

Young Buck


The Young Buck is the grom version of the popular Liquid Sword model. It features moderate nose rocker and lower rails for easier usability and sensitivity. The perfect all-rounder for the little shredder. This model is one of Chemistry's best sellers due to the lack of good grom models available on the market. See more

13 item s found
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