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Small Wave / Performance

Small Wave Performance boards are a must have in the quiver if you want to make the most out of small conditions. They are often labeled summer boards due to the correlation of average surf and summer in Australia. Small Wave Performance surfboards are short stocky hybrids of their refined High Performance brothers. The main difference is that these boards pack more volume which gives you the edge on any surfer who paddles out on their standard shortboard.

A category that is worth looking at if your after a small wave board is Retro / Classic, these boards usually go great in small waves but provide a more classical feel to surfing that every surfer should experience. Popular Small Wave Performers include the Pyzel - Phantom and the more alternate Haydenshapes - Untitled just to name a few.

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The Untitled by Haydenshapes has a slightly fuller shape with a winged swallow tail shortboard made for speed, versatility and fun. The higher tail rocker combined with a flatter deck profile through the center of the board allows extra volume and reactive tight turning arcs.

The Untitled is your go to performance board for everyday conditions. With plenty of paddle power, speed and sensitivity for control, this board has you covered in most conditions.

Note: Future flex (Black Carbon Rails) are not included by default, please select Future Flex under Construction. See more


The Black Vulture has been designed as a smaller wave board or something to ride when you're looking for extra paddle power, stability and forgiveness. It's fast down the line and will work well on your local point break and nice clean beach breaks.

The Black Vulture works really well for front footed surfers with the wide point forward and added volume under the chest / front foot area. The pulled in wing swallow tail and vee concave through the tail gives this board the ability to draw tight turns even in smaller conditions. Works best as a twin, twin + trailer or standard thruster setup. See more


The Polyphonic is a prime example of modern fish versatility. You can surf this board when the waves are small and sloppy and when it picks up the pulled in outline lets you carve. Ride it 4-6 inches shorter than your shortboard and a little wider. The Polyphonic is Album Surf's most versatile board. A combination of shortboard style and fish looks, this board is a board for almost all conditions. With a low entry rocker and deep single into a double concave, this board wants to be ridden daily. See more

Disk 2

The Disk 2 is a slightly refined version of the original Disk with a slightly pulled in beaked nose to add to its manoeuvrability. The slight single to double concave keeps this board moving and easy to transition from rail to rail even when it is small and mushy. The Disk 2 is perfect for smaller to good sized waves...knee high to overhead. Keeping its retro feel but tweaked for ore performance, this board will have you drawing new lines. See more


The 3DX has much more volume than your regular shortboard which allows you to catch more waves and have more fun. This model is designed to get you onto waves with ease and will generate speed and flow in weaker conditions. The 3DX features a wider outline through the nose and tail combined with boxy, fuller rails to make this board more forgiving and allow you to keep surfing progressive in small swells. See more

Fun Dip
Robert August

For the longboarder looking to shortboard, or the shortboarder looking for something different and amazingly fun, the Fun Dip is your go-to. The wide outline throughout makes for an easy paddler, while the single to double concave and set up as a quad or thruster, keep the performance levels up for a fun-shaped board. See more

Modern 2
Sharp Eye


This is Sharp Eye's modern twin fin. designed to be a cross breed between the famous Mr. Twin of the 80’s and the high-performance thrusters of today.

This board came about when Filipe wanting something a little different to surf during down time between events. Designed for pure fun, the Modern 2 maintains speed extremely well with a great balance of drive and release. This board will change your approach in small waves, the perfect addition to the summer quiver. See more


The fish from the future with an asymmetrical outline. Everything you love about your favorite from yesteryear, but without limitations. Twin-fin speed off your toes frontside. Quad control off your heels to draw tighter arcs on your backside. Mind-altering potential in this shape. Ride an inch or two longer than your traditional fish, slightly narrower, but at your normal thickness. See more



Emery Surfboards' The Shadow is a classic summer all rounder to ensure you have maximum fun. Increased drive due to an flatter rocker and a deep single into a slight vee will give you plenty of speed and planing power. The ever so slightly hipped squash tail ensures you have a super responsive ride to counter the speed you'll be using.

The Emery Shadow is a perfect summer board that has the power to ensure you get to where you want to be on the wave combined with plenty of control for those larger waves.

See more


The Phantom is your step down for smaller everyday waves. It's a squashed down version of the popular Ghost model for better functionality in smaller conditions. With a few adjustments such as deeper single concave, wider overall outline and added rail thickness it's an epic small wave shortboard.

The Phantom goes best in sub par conditions around the waist high to just overhead range. The Phantom is easy to paddle, catches waves easily and allows you to rip in smaller conditions!

Looking for the Grom version of this model? Check out the Phantom Grom.

Looking for the beefed up version of this model for bigger guys? Check out the Phantom XL. See more

133 items found
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