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Step Up Shortboards

Faster more drivey Shortboards to those of the standard High Performance category. Perfectly designed for pumping hollow waves they are refined to give you a little extra paddle power for safer, earlier takeoffs without sacrificing too much maneuverability. The all-round ratings of these surfboards makes them excellent travel boards, especially if you are going on a boat trip to Indo or the Mentawais.

Popular Step-up models include the DHD - Sweet Spot 3.0, the Emery - Cannon and the Pyzel - Ghost to name a few.

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Wave Height
Shred Sled King

The Haydenshapes Shred Sled King is the ultimate step up option in the collection. With volume in all the right places the Shred Sled King allows you to paddle into waves early, with plenty of natural speed. This board will hold in bigger surf but will still allow you to keep it critical in the pocket with the reduced length compared traditional step up surfboards.

All round performance surfing the Shred Sled King is a great option for the one board surfer. It may look your your traditional small wave board, but a few design tweaks allows it to light up when the swell gets up to 6 foot.

Note: Future flex (Black Carbon Rails) are not included by default, please select Future Flex under Construction. See more

Step Up
T Patterson


The Step Up is exactly what it sounds like...a step up board for when your local turns on or you truly score on your trip. No one like to be under-gunned, so everyone should have a step up of some sort in their quiver. This Step Up keeps the wide point in the center for maximum paddle speed, and with single to double concave keeps you moving fast all while under full control. This board is designed to feel comfortable from the first time you ride it...a very important attribute for a board that only comes out when it gets serious.

The Step Up is best in those rare days when your local break is overhead + and you need a board that can handle the juice. This board will feel comfortable right from the get go, so make sure to pack it in your quiver for trips, the last thing you want is a board that can't handle some size when you are on the trip of a lifetime. See more


The Insanity was developed with Josh Kerr over the last half of 2017. Black magic! It has elements of the UTF and Ledge, with an alternative performance rocker and modern bottom contours. Makes for an amazing combo that works in all sorts of conditions. Josh has ridden this in everything from waist-high runners to 10-foot Pipeline. See more


The Ghost has been developed with the Pyzel Team riders over a number of years to give you a board that performs in Bigger Better Waves. With full volume through the front section combined with a lower rocker, the Ghost can really fly while the round tail and double concave in the lower half help keep you in control.

The Pyzel Ghost goes best in more powerful waves like reef breaks, drainy, dumpy beach breaks or when you want to draw long lines on your favourite point break.

Looking for the Grom version of this model? Check out the Ghost Grom.

Looking for the step up version of this model for serious waves? Check out the Ghost Pro. See more


The Next Step is a board designed for good sized wave and to take your surfing to the next level. A cross between a step up and your shortboard, this board will handle bigger size with ease while still performing like your shorty. The model has been tested rigorously and refined by some of the hardest surfers in the world including John John Florence.

The Next Step is the board you want when the surf really turns on. High performance in a step up, this model gives you a little extra volume to get you into waves early, and a nice rounded pin for maximum hold and control in heavy, hollow surf. See more

The Blackout


The Blackout is one of those models that'll cover the intermediate to advanced surfer in most conditions above waist high. Ride as a squash tail in the stock dims for high performance surfing in most conditions up to a little overhead or round tail in the step up dimensions beginning at 6'2 for Indo Style tubes. See more



The Deadsled model is your step up shortboard from Vampirate Surfboards. With its wider outline and flatter rocker it will get onto waves earlier and fly down the line with heaps of natural speed. The pulled in tail on the Dead Sled will allow you to turn on a dime, get critical in the pocket and hold your line in the barrel.

High performance surfing the Vampirate Deadsled has been designed and refined with Ozzie Wrong and the team to light up in good waves such as Indo and the Mentawais. It works best with a rounded pin but also comes in a swallow. See more

G-Money II
Surf Prescriptions


The G-Money II is the perfect big wave/step up board. It features an almost full nose outline and rocker with a pin-tail to provide that extra paddling power making it easier to cruise onto bigger waves and perform maneuvers. This board will work well in all conditions from waist high to well over double overhead. If your keen to chase those bigger waves, this is the right board for you! See more

The Pigdog Pro


To create the Pigdog Pro, Brett Barley has refined and fine-tuned the original PigDog to suit his high-performance barrel riding needs. This was done by retaining the forward volume but with a modern rail and narrower outline and tail. This makes the Brett Barley PigDog Pro the ultimate tube shooter. Looking to get the barrel of your life? This board will take you there. See more


The Sweet Spot 3.0 is the latest evolution of the popular Sweet Spot range. Dubbed as the best travel surfboard for firing waves, the Sweet Spot 3.0 is perfect for that surfer looking for the one board travel quiver. Surf it at a similar length to your normal shortboard but have all the hold, strength and paddle power that you want in a solid surf step-up. The Sweet Spot 3.0 will become your go-to board for when the surf conditions at home are pumping or when you're packing your bags for places like Indo or Fiji. See more

34 item s found
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