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Compare, customize and order surfboards direct from the world's leading shapers. With thousands of surf boards to browse and choose from, there is something for every level of skill.

Boardcave is officially the world's biggest online marketplace for Surfboards and Surf Accessories; if there's something we don't have we'll do our best to find it for you. Whether you're learning to surf and want a Soft Top Surfboard to have fun on, or you want a refined High Performance board, Boardcave has you covered.

Build up your quiver with a Step-down to shred small waves and a Step-up for when it's pumping! If you're going travelling or chasing that one-board quiver, then browse the All Rounders to give yourself the best chance of nailing every surf! The range of Retro Surfboards provide a classical feel to surfing that every surfer should experience, with a selection of Single Fins and Twin Fins that are as much a work of art as they are a board to ride.

Take on the points and catch more waves than anyone with a Log or Longboard on those smaller days or just straight up own it all and live the surfer's dream. Boardcave is your one stop shop to make this possible.

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The HS Cannon combines your retro single fin with high performance characteristics. The Cannon has volume in all the right places, the extra width through the upper half of the board and nose offers an easy paddle and is great for in the barrel and getting down the face of waves early. The Cannon is a must have in your quiver with its double concave positioned under your back foot allowing you to drive into bottom turns and perform cut backs, fully utilising the single fin's drive. See more

Twin Fin


The Twin fin is based off an old curvy 80's template that features a slightly pulled in nose and a winged thumb tail. Shaper Jason Bennett has come up with the solution of deep vee between the fins to simulate the feeling of a small center fin. See more


The Double Shot is the ultimate small wave performance board! It was designed to allow you to shred in waves that you never thought would be shredable. It features a wide nose and tail area along with a flat fast rocker which enhances your ability to clear dead sections and maintain enough drive in slower waves. See more

The Project 15 Next Gen is designed for the groms who want to shred. It's shape will help grommies to take their surfing to the next level! It features extra width and volume to create an easy to surf performance board. It's the easy surfing characteristics of this board that makes it a very popular choice for grommets these days. See more


The XRS EPS by DHD Surfboards gives you plenty of paddle power and down the line speed when the waves are small. The full outline helps to cruise through flat sections while the squash tail gives you turning control.

The XRS EPS is a great summer wave board for 1-4 foot conditions. It features plenty of volume throughout to increase your wave count in smaller conditions. See more


The Hippy Fliing is the newest addition to the Fling family. It features a more pulled in squash tail with a hip for increased performance in smaller surf.

The Hippy Fling is perfect for when you are wanting to rip in smaller to medium sized waves. See more


The Townsend by Album Surfboardd is an Asymmetrical tail Mid-Length Twin Fin.

Choose the tail shape below depending on your stance. See more

40 oz.


The 40 oz. model contains a lot of volume in a short rail line. See more

JS Industries


The new Nitro is by far the flattest entry rocker in an X Series model to date! See more



356 items found
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