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Compare, customise and order Surfboards direct from the world's leading shapers around Australia. With thousands of Surfboards to browse and choose from there is something for every level of skill. Boardcave is officially the worlds biggest online marketplace for Surfboards and Surf Accessories, if theres something we don't have we'll do our best to find it for you. Whether you're learning to surf and want a Soft Top Surfboard to have fun on, or you want a refined High Performance board, Boardcave has you covered. Build up your quiver with a Step-down to shred small waves and a Step-up for when it's pumping! If you're going traveling or chasing that one board quiver then browse the All Rounders to give yourself the best chance of nailing every surf! The range of Retro Surfboards provide a classical feel to surfing that every surfer should experience, with a selection of Single and Twin Fins that are as much a work of art as they are a board to ride. Take on the points and catch more waves then anyone with a Log or Longboard on those smaller days or just straight up own it all and live the surfers dream, Boardcave is your one stop shop to make this possible.

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The Shiitake is the ultimate performance fish board. The nose of the board is flat enough for a great amount of glide whilst paddling, and the vee concave that runs out of the vail helps to keep this board very maneuverable. The Shiitake performs best in waves shoulder high + and has been designed to be ridden as a twin, quad or thruster. See more

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If small fun waves and good times are your thing, the Ben Gravy ‘El Slammo’ semi-pro model is the perfect board for you! Designed with smaller conditions in mind, the El Slammo is a high-performance groveler that is great for knee to head high conditions. It's short, it's wide, it's curvy, it will have you “nuking” on the El Slammo and enjoying max levels of stoke just like the man himself who helped design it. See more

Old School Twin
Surf Prescriptions

The Old School Twin is your classic old school fun twinny fish board. The sleek and foiled out design allows for more high performance surfing. This board works in any conditions from ankle high to slightly overhead. Ride it 2-4 inches shorter than your standard shortboard. See more

Spanish Omelette
Surf Prescriptions

The Spanish Omelette is the grovel sister to the Seahawk model. The bottom features a deep single concave from the rear fin to the vee off the tail. This board allows you to shred in poorer conditions from knee high to slightly overhead. It's the perfect board for more experienced surfer looking for a groveler to pump out maneuvers in smaller, weaker waves. See more

G-Money II
Surf Prescriptions

The G-Money II is the perfect big wave/step up board. It features an almost full nose outline and rocker with a pin-tail to provide that extra paddling power making it easier to cruise onto bigger waves and perform maneuvers. This board will work well in all conditions from waist high to well over double overhead. If your keen to chase those bigger waves, this is the right board for you! See more


This is the MF DNA Round Tail high-performance board with the same specifications and design that Mick himself is riding. With a single to double concave through the fins, it has plenty of drive. The MF signature rocker also combines entry rocker with a nice amount of tail kick for plenty of speed.

The DNA Round Tail has been designed and refined by Darren and Mick over the years to really excel in clean, pumping surf. Great for driving and pushing through turns with nice release of its energy and smooth transitions from rail to rail. Surf like Mick does when it's clean and pumping. See more

Beer Fridge

The Beer Fridge is a mixture between the Flashpoint and R2 models. It has more volume through the nose and tail offering plenty of paddle power and planing over fatter sections. The Beer Fridge goes best in smaller waves around the waist to chest high range or fuller waves around the head high mark. It's easy to paddle and a great option for those guys looking to step onto a shortboard shape that's easy to paddle and catch plenty of waves on. When ordering this model, you want to go 1/8" - 3/16" thinner than your normal shortboard as this model carries a lot of foam throughout. See more


The 3DV is full of performance and volume for the core surfer that is looking to take their surfing to the next level. Improved with a slight vee running through the tail to create turns with less effort and release more drive during rail to rail surfing.

Perfect for all conditions and all waves! See more

The Lucid Eye
Eye Symmetry

The Lucid Eye is great for good waves above shoulder height. Designed for high performance surfing, this refined shape ensures you get a great balance of natural speed combined with maneuverability.

The Lucid Eye is the Eye Symmetry performance shortboard. With a little more volume and width in the front of the board and a slightly rounded square tail, you get a good amount of natural speed and paddle power. Includes a slight single concave entry that deepens further back and runs out into a slight vee for extra release and medium rails. See more


The Classic Egg by Panda Surfboards is the perfect all-rounder for any surf conditions! With added volume up the front of the board, you will be gifted with extra paddle power and a guaranteed smooth ride. It is recommended to ride this board as a single fin with sides or as a quad. See more

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