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Compare, customize and order surfboards direct from the world's leading shapers. With thousands of surf boards to browse and choose from, there is something for every level of skill.

Boardcave is officially the world's biggest online marketplace for Surfboards and Surf Accessories; if there's something we don't have we'll do our best to find it for you. Whether you're learning to surf and want a Soft Top Surfboard to have fun on, or you want a refined High Performance board, Boardcave has you covered.

Build up your quiver with a Step-down to shred small waves and a Step-up for when it's pumping! If you're going travelling or chasing that one-board quiver, then browse the All Rounders to give yourself the best chance of nailing every surf! The range of Retro Surfboards provide a classical feel to surfing that every surfer should experience, with a selection of Single Fins and Twin Fins that are as much a work of art as they are a board to ride.

Take on the points and catch more waves than anyone with a Log or Longboard on those smaller days or just straight up own it all and live the surfer's dream. Boardcave is your one stop shop to make this possible.

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White Noiz

The Haydenshapes White Noiz is a high performance shortboard with a balanced feel for both front foot and back foot surfers. Great in waves 1-4 foot and the shorter length means it fits well in all parts of the wave.

The White Noiz has been developed with Craig Anderson, the shape has a continuous curve in the rocker as well as the outline. Designed for high performance surfing.

Note: Future flex (Black Carbon Rails) are not included by default, please select Future Flex under Construction See more

Rasta Torus Twin
Gary McNeill

The Rasta Torus Twin was first designed in 2009 by Gary McNeill and pro surfer Dave Rastovich. It features a full length "Torus" channel sitting inside a single concave which provides hold in hollow sections and helps you generate speed when pumping with your front foot.

Because of this channel, the RTT has more control than your traditional twin fin and due to the absence of drag from the center fin can generate speed quicker than your thruster.

Please note:

  • This board includes a "Torus" channel as standard
  • Tree Tech Construction (as displayed) is not included. Please choose below

  • Sustainable Choice eco board
    Sustainable Choice - Eco Board
    Choose Flax Bio Resin Construction at Step 3.
    See more

    Single Fin
    Gary McNeill

    A modern throwback, Single Fin by Gary McNeil gives you that classical feel with a modern twist. Perfect for getting into hollow waves early, down the line and perching in the barrel. Gary packed a lot of hidden performance into this model making it wildly agile for a board with a classic design.

    Suitable for anything knee height to a little overhead the single fin is an absolute joy to ride. A type of board that every surfer should have in their quiver.

    Please Note: Board does not include artwork. Please choose at step 5

    Sustainable Choice eco board
    Sustainable Choice - Eco Board
    Choose Flax Bio Resin Construction at Step 3.
    See more


    The A2 is your everyday performance shortboard model by Chilli Surfboards and loved by the entire Chilli team. This model is a result of the project black program and is a take on a model Chilli created in 2003 which was loved by Andy Irons. A great performance board in good to pumping waves.

    The A2 Chilli shortboard works best in good to pumping conditions. It has a progressive rocker helping you fit into the pocket nicely while the smooth curve outline will allow the rider to draw tight arcs. See more


    The D3 is most recent addition to the popular Chemistry Disk series. Slight increases to the entry and tail rocker as well as refinements to the nose and tail outline give this board more performance than the previous disk models pushing the boards versatility by keeping it loose in hollow pockets.

    This model works well as a thruster or quad so it is equipped with a 5-fin setup. The D3 is the perfect everyday board to get hooked on if you want something that is fun but keeps your surfing progressive. See more


    The Goose, designed in collaboration with Colin Moran, is designed for regular days when you want to ride a high-performance shortboard. On the bottom we have a straight single concave throughout for increased speed and lift from the get go. The board has a medium-low entry rocker to fairly flat mid section with flip in the tail. This combination of rocker and concave allow the board to be fast and manouverable in all conditions, including small waves.

    The Goose is best for everyday conditions. It suits small and punchy conditions right up to 5-6ft. A fast all round user friendly shortboard for most conditions. This model is a great everyday grinder! See more


    The Mini Twin is a twin fin thats a little shorter and a little rounder than its big brother the DHD Twin Fin. With reinforced carbon in the fin boxes and tail you'll feel plenty of control and strength through your back foot. Designed in collaboration with notorious twin fin shredder Asher Pacey - Check out the video below. See more


    The 3DV is a great performance shape to ride in smaller conditions for the advanced surfer but also beginner / intermediate surfers looking to progress to a shortboard shape. The 3DV makes for easy rail to rail transitions with a slight VEE running through the tail. You'll feel more drive coming out of your turns which most boards lack in smaller or weaker conditions. See more

    Sharp Eye


    The HT2 (Holy Toledo 2). The board that carried Filipe to victory in the 2017 Lowers pro. A branch down from the Holy Toledo, designed towards the everyday conditions we face day to day. With a more relaxed rocker, wider tail and fuller rails than the Holy Toledo, this model is more user friendly in poor conditions whilst maintaining its versatility for above average conditions. See more

    T Patterson

    The Twinner is designed for those who love speed and want to surf a board that is fast yet nimble. A slightly fuller outline with the wide point forward gets you into waves easily, while the single concave to Vee out the tail gets you generating speed right on the take-off but allows you to surf it rail to rail quickly and easily. Fast, high-performance surfing at speed.

    The Twinner works in anything from knee-high to a little overhead. Better on a clean, fast wave, but can handle a bit of chop with ease. Works best with bigger side fins for extra drive, and a smaller trailer for a bit more control, but surfs great as a standard thruster or quad as well. See more

    348 item s found
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