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Twin Fin Surfboards

The Twin Fin Surfboard has a much longer history than you think. Dating back as far as mid to late 1940's with Bob Simmons explorations into planning hulls and utilized parallel twin keels to help trim along the face of a wave with more projection and control instead of controlled drag.

Since then, the twin fin has gone through many variations, and was adopted by early knee boarders in the 60's-70's evolving to the most popular design at date, the Fish Surfboard. Twin fin surfboards come in many shapes and sizes these days, including performance orientated designs like the DHD Twin Fin, alternative designs such as the Mod Twin by Album Surfboards, classic retro like Nation Surfboards the Los Dos and the performance retro style like the Quantum Quad Fish by Stamps Surfboards.

Twin Fins offer a great amount of speed and can feel loose yet with a ton of drive under the right circumstances. Their only drawback is in bigger surf where they can seem too loose and lack the control you need to handle bigger juicier waves.

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