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Noll Surfboards

Manufactured in United States
Jed Noll
Name: Jed Noll
Years Shaping: 1995
Trained With: Greg Noll, Kazumi Nakamura, Peter Daniels, Chris McElroy, Bob Pearson

~ 8 Weeks
If you look back to history books on surfing, Greg Noll is sure to pop up...repeatedly. One of the pioneers of Big Wave surfing on the North Shore of Oahu, Greg Noll became an iconic name not only for his bravado in challenging surf, but for his skills as a shaper as well.

Noll Surfboards began (like many others) out of his garage in Manhattan Beach, California in the early 50's. By the mid 60's, Greg had opened the biggest surfboard manufacturing facility of it's time in a 20,000 sq ft warehouse in Hermosa Beach, which included a separate room for making blanks, a 40 board laminating room and 8 shaping bays (big even in todays world). Noll was making up to 250 boards a week, shipping them all over the U.S. and for many of the worlds best surfer at the time, including the famous 'Da Cat' model for the infamous Miki Dora.

Today, Greg's son Jed Noll has taken the torch and kept the fire bright continuing to produce some of Greg's models while also shaping the collection of new Noll models featured here. Based in San Clemente, Ca. Jed has been immersed in everything to do with surfboards for over 20 years whether it be creative wood collectibles, vintage restorations, or customizing modern surfboards into all shapes and sizes. Jed and our team have refined and tweaked our models for years while sliding the diverse waves up and down the entire West and East Coast USA, Hawaii, Mexico, Europe and Asia. The result is user friendly, great performing surfboards that work in a variety of waves like one of our most popular longboard models, the Enduro...it can really be used as an everyday driver on any trip no mater where you end up around the world. Another popular model and favorite of Jed's is the Parabolic Egg being light(made exclusively in EPS/Epoxy), fast and a great travel board as well since it is smaller than a longboard, allows you to perform in good waves, yet is easy to paddle and fast down the line on the not so ideal days. If you are looking for something in the mid-size range with more of that vintage glide check out the Retro Fish (twin fin), the Circa 73 (single fin) or the Voyager (single fin).

Here at Noll we like that surfing is simply fun and exciting so if you have any ideas for a new board, don't hesitate to reach out to us and we can help talk you through it!

2018-12-10 11:57:48
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Marc Smith February 15, 2016 at 8:30 pm

Rounded pin ? 8' 8" to 8' 11'


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