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Robert August Surfboards

Manufactured in United States
Robert August
Name: Robert August
Years Shaping: 1970
Trained With: Hap Jacobs and more
With roots that run almost as deep as they get, Robert August was bound to become an iconic name in the surf world. Influenced by his father Blackie August, a well known surfer in his own rights, Robert started surfing in the early 50's. By the mid 60's, Robert was blazing trails in the contest scene and had appeared in a number of films by legendary Bruce Brown, including and co-starring in The Endless Summer. He had also began working for Jacobs Surfboards in Hermosa beach, making his way from sales to shaping within a years time. Robert became an accomplished shaper in no time, leading him to freelance his work out to others, until he decided to open his own shop in 1974, thus becoming the Robert August Surf Co.

Today, Robert August is a household name around the world. Offering classic Logs like the Wingnut I and Wingnut II, the Noserider and the Retro, to fun Mid-Length and more performance alternatives like the Seed and the Fun Dip, there is sure to be something for every surfer in the RA line up.

Get back to the roots and get yourself something the makes you stoked on surfing again. Feel the glide with Robert August Surfboards.

2018-12-10 18:15:40
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Robert August Surfboards Videos

Robert August showing you how to ride a Longboard
A conversation with Robert August
Robert August talks boards

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Claus Andrup February 28, 2016 at 4:52 am


I was a 13 year old surfer in Cape Town when you passed through. Now 66 and still surfing sort of, my family will be in Tamarindo at the end of 2016. I'd like to pick up one of your boards there for old time sake. Naturally enough I was on a John Whitmore in the early 1960s. It would be fun to end this surfing life on a Robert August. Claus "Bosco" Andrup.


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