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Stamps Surfboards

Manufactured in United States
Tim Stamps
Name: Tim Stamps
Years Shaping: 1984
Trained With: Rich Harbour
Team Riders: Brett Simpson, Courtney Conlogue

~ 4 Weeks
Stamps Surfboards was started in 1997 by Tim Stamps.  Growing up around resin and fiberglass, building his own skate ramps, and sweeping floors for non other than the likes of Rich Harbour, it didn't take long until Tim was fixing dings and eventually shaping his own boards.  On the Harbour surf team from age 12, and competitively surfing making his way up the ranks to pro status at age 21, Stamps was on a career path toward pro surfing until a knee injury took him out. Fortunately his shaping skills had continued to be refined since the age of 15, and it wasn't long after the injury until he opened his own factory now located in Westminster, CA.

With a strong connection to hand shaping, Tim Stamps Surfboards have also found a way to embrace technology using CAD systems to generate shape and keep track of volume of boards for maximum results. Further experimentation with new designs and new technologies ensures that Stamps Surfboards will never be left behind in producing cutting-edge, quality, high performance boards. This understanding of traditional hand shaping methods combined with computer technology ensures that every Tim Stamps Surfboard is made with both precision and authenticity.

Now, specializing in every type of surf craft from shortboards, longboards and everything in between, and shaping for some of the most elite competitive surfers including Brett Simpson and Courtney Conlogue, Stamps Surfboards has become a staple amongst the California surf scene and his boards can be seen all over the world.  The versatility in this shaping can be seen in boards ranging from competitive high performance craft such as the Scarecrow and the Shadow, free surf performance models like the FX, fish style grovelers like the WTF, as well as traditional logs, refined mid-lengths and big wave guns. Tim Stamps has done and can do all.

Be sure to check out Board Talk with Tim Stamps to find out what insipres him, his favorite boards and his thoughts on the future of wave pools.

2018-10-22 03:28:24
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Stamps Surfboards Videos

Tim Stamps doing what he does best
Longboards by Tim Stamps Surfboards

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Doug Mathis May 23, 2016 at 5:57 pm

A while ago I saw a Bonzer 5 fin long board that you made on Craigslist. The shape was clean and thought it would be a fun ride. However the seller was not willing to ship to Florida. I'm curious as to what you would charge for a Bonzer Longboard around 9'4" I have a set of FCS bonzer fins so the FCS fin system would be perfered. How if glass on are not too over the top we could go there. Thanks in advance

Doug Mathis


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