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San Clemente Surfboard Shapers

If you are talking about the quintessential hotbed for both shaping and surfing talent, look no further. San Clemente, nestled ever so comfortably in the south of Orange County California, is surrounded by amazing and iconic waves like San Onofre, T-Street, Church, and most notably Trestles…know as one of the most high performance platforms in the world. San Clemente is the home and proving ground for surfers like Shane Beschen, Mike Parsons, the Fletcher family, the Long Brothers, Kolohe Andino, and countless others. As a result, it is responsible for some of the worlds most innovative shapers and surfboards brands like Matt “Mayhem” Biolos and Lost Surfboards, Timmy Patterson Surfboards, Cole Simler and Cole Surfboards, Christian Fletcher and Fletcher Surfboards, Terry Senate Surfboards, Jed Noll and Noll Surfboards, Matt Parker and Album Surfboards, Christian Wach and Ryan Engle of Canvas Surfboards and Nation Surfboards, and many many more. As well as surfers and shapers, San Clemente is the home for the Surf Heritage Museum, which hosts the widest collection of surfboards and surf memorabilia, and helps maintain and preserve our rich history. Also home base for the Surfrider foundations, media publications like the prestigious TSJ (The Surfers Journal) magazine and Surfer Magazine. San Clemente is truly a timeless place in our world, both preserving our rich surfing history while at the same time pushing the boundaries on design, innovation and progression.

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  • Album Surfboards create innovative, functional, custom-designs by Matt Parker and his team in San Clemente, CA.
    • Canvas Surfboards
    • Christian Wach, Ryan Engle
    • San Clemente
    • 8
    • Steve Boehne
    • Corey Colapinto, Kameron Brown, Brooklyn Dombrowksi, Hannah Norton
    Canvas Surfboards brings creative artistic freedom to surfboard design and function, from the minds of Christian Wach and Ryan Engle in San Clemente, CA
    • Nation Surfboards
    • Ryan Engle
    • San Clemente
    • 14
    • Steve Boehne
    Nation Surfboards combines technology, design, hand-shaping and creativity to bring you a fun range of boards for a variety of conditions found around the world.
    • Noll Surfboards
    • Jed Noll
    • San Clemente
    • 22
    • Greg Noll, Kazumi Nakamura, Peter Daniels, Chris McElroy, Bob Pearson
    Noll Surfboards brings you all the classic designs of Greg Noll, mixed with innovative functional boards from Long to Short from the hands of Jed Noll
    • T. Patterson Surfboards
    • Tim Patterson
    • San Clemente
    • 37
    • Dale Velzy, Chris McElroy, Mickey Munoz and Terry Martin
    • Italo Ferreira, Nic Lamb, Imaikalani Devult, Gavin Beschen, Icaro Rodrigeus, Luca Aza, Josh Benjoya, Kalohe Danbara
    T Patterson Surfboards boasts a wealth of experience with second generation shaper Timmy Patterson running the show and promoting innovation and creativity in surfboard design.
    • Cole Surfboards
    • Cole Simlar
    • San Clemente
    • 26
    Cole Surfboards played an important part in re-introducing the quad as a valid high performance design with the help of Nathan Fletcher.
    • Stewart Surfboards
    • Bill Stewart
    • San Clemente
    Stewart Surfboards specializes in every style of surf craft, from their popular 5'2 Fartknocker all the way up to traditional and performance longboards.
    • Super Stix
    • Hamish Graham
    • San Clemente
    • 39
    Super Stix brings you high quality high performance shortboards using only the best materials.
    • Terry Senate
    • Terry Senate
    • San Clemente
    • 47
    Longboards or Shortboards, Terry Senate Surfboards can do it all with jokes to spare.