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Breaking down SUPERbrand’s Fling

If you live in Southern California and you are a regular surfer, chances are you have a least a few small wave grovelers in your quiver. If you don’t own, or haven’t tried the Fling by SUPERbrand yet, you must!

SUPERbrand is a unique brand in that they have a collective of shapers that all bounce ideas and concepts off each other and seem to work well in unison. This is pretty hard to do in the surf industry, but SUPERbrand seem to have it nailed down. Here we have not just one, but two of the shapers from the SUPERbrand collective, California’s Jason Koons and Australia’s Adam “Sparrow” Fletcher, giving you the low-down on the Fling. Enjoy!

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6/26/2015 1:36 PM