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Asher Pacey Snapt 4 B-Roll

Asher Pacey filming for SNAPT 4 at Snapper and south of the Queensland border. Sampling 6 different Album surfboard models through out the edit. If these are all clips that didn't make the cut for his section we can't way to see the full release. Read More

7/8/2020 5:35 PM

Inside This Soft World - Dave Rastovich

Unlike much of filmmaker Nathan Oldfield’s other work, there is no higher meaning with 'Inside This Soft World'. It’s simply Dave Rastovich, surfing on a Wednesday morning… which can be argued implicitly has its own higher meaning. Read More

6/22/2020 8:01 PM

Watch: Nate Tyler in HAIRWHIP

Octopus is real Surf Films are always epic, the latest clip starring Nate Tyler is no exception. Jump in, laugh and get psyched to great surfing and heavy metal. Read More

6/16/2020 5:48 PM

Watch: Asher Pacey In "Crystal Vortex, Liquid Cortex"

Watch: Asher Pacey In "Crystal Vortex, Liquid Cortex" Read More

6/9/2020 9:46 PM

From Trash to Treasure w/ Donald Brink

Donald Brink is an eccentric Surfboard Shaper from California who's experimental designs and artistic approach to creating surfboards has set him apart as a true individual. More recently Donald blew us away with his ability to turn a broken soft top into one of his unconventional but beautiful surf craft. Read More

4/27/2020 7:33 PM

Pyzel and John John Florence talk board design

John John Florence and Jon Pyzel from Pyzel Surfboards take us behind the scenes and show us what John is riding at the moment. Read More

4/13/2020 7:49 PM

Holy Grail by Dion Agius

There’s New Blood in the Haydenshapes team and it’s big news.

Dion Agius a man of many talents and a surfer held by no boundaries now rides Haydenshapes. Coinciding with the release of his signature model, the Holy Grail is true to Dion’s creative style. Dion is one of the minds behind brands such as Epokhe Eyewear and The Octopus is Real traction brand. While the master shaper behind the brand, Hayden Cox needs no introduction either. Winning back-to-back board of the year awards for innovative design of the Hypto Krypto. Both equally stylish and creatively inclined, it’s going to be an inventive partnership to watch closely. And it is already evident between shaper and surfer after developing a truly creative, performance intended and boundary pushing outline. Watch it in action below.

Alike the Hypto, the Holy Grail can be surfed by any level of surfer but with the added ability to be taken to the next level of performance. Its progressive design is intended to be ridden shorter and wider than a traditional performance model. Adding plenty of volume throughout to ensure it can paddle effortlessly and glide with plenty of flow when surfing off the front foot. Looks can be deceiving and whilst it is shorter, wider and carries more volume, the design does not sacrifice any performance or response off the back foot. The inverted and most obvious break in the outline of the pulled in tail is a feature that has Dion’s influence all over it. The break and reason for this comes into effect while on rail which helps tweak out more stylish release. The contrast with having a flatter rocker profile gives a very fast and continuous speed profile to the board. If your current board is the Hypto, this model will be an easy transition and great progression to help advance your surfing.

3/24/2020 11:31 PM

3 Perfect Travel Combos

The age-old dilemma.. What do I take for my next trip to indo/pacific island/some tropical reef pass? Your kind of left with a question in the back of your mind question if it's going to be too big or too small. We all imagine the conditions to be as perfect as the waves out of The September Sessions but the reality is three-quarters of us would all stay on land/boat once it peaks over 6ft across the razor-sharp reef and sinks tins. Funny thing is, all of us would tell everyone at home we got perfect 8ft such n’such reef with no one out. So as they say, there are always three sides to a story, yours, theirs and the truth. But don’t ever let the truth get in the way of a good story right.

So when it comes time to pick those gems of water sleds, you really have a set image in your mind that this board will be perfect for this trip. Wrong! First question you really should ask yourself is will I use that board at home when I’m not sinking bintangs with the boys? If you answered yes, it’s time to pick it up. If you answered no, move on. Simple. The second question you should ask yourself has two parts, and should be something along the lines of “what’s my baggage allowance?” and “how many boards should I take?” That's easy, 1, check your airline’s baggage policy and 2.. Yes, literally two boards. If you bust up your boards you can always pick up another one over there or ride your buddy’s, provided you don't bust that one either.

Now you’ve answered these trivial questions of life, time to narrow it down. One board you should take should be focused towards small waves or a fun style of board for the days when you just want to bash around on a beachie or small average days. Yes, you do get them so be prepared. Your other board should be an all-around performance or a step up that will handle bigger and better quality waves, specifically a more finely tuned craft to score the huge cavern you’ve been dreaming of. If you are lucky to take a third you can opt for it to be either a step up, a backup performance board or a retro board for the hell of it.

You see, we are a good bunch of humans at Boardcave who like to help you dudes and dudette’s out. And we debated long and hard on which boards compliment each other for the perfect quiver combo and came up with these to help you make your next board purchase for your trip easier.

1. The Hypto Krypto and Vapor

This combo really suits the surfer whose style is laid back, cruisy and just flat out horizontal when they are on the wave. What we mean is, they make small boards and trimming look cool. The Hypto Krypto by Hayden Shapes can surprisingly hold its own in the big stuff and work well for you in the small average conditions. Its flat profile allows you to commit to some gnarly take-offs and make them while still maintaining the control and speed you want in a board, effectively it can act as a backup board too.

The Vapors by SUPERbrand Surfboards is similar to the Hypto Krypto in that, it is a high volumed shortboard, but more designed as your trusty go-to option. However, its performance characteristics make it the easy surfing fish style model for surfers who don’t ride fish but still want a performance style board.

2. DX1 and the Sure Thing

This combo is definitely your vertical/performance-minded surfer who really wants fast down the line performance, responsive maneuverability and stability. The Sure Thing by Pyzel Surfboards is a well-balanced performance and fun board, perfect to take with you on your next trip for those soft, average days you are bound to get while abroad. What’s nice about this shape is the forward volume and the hip in the rear creates a stable feeling across flatter sections without losing speed, plenty of control and when you need to get going, the help of the little channels between the fins really propels the board to another level. Especially for a small wave board!

The DX1 JF by DHD surfboards is more refined and slightly beefed out to the original DX1. This is one board you really need to take and see it shine in the hollow waves it's built for. A single concave running the length of the board really helps the board lift and fly. At the end of the day it is a performance board you want with you on your next trip but be warned, this model although it can look forgiving is an advanced board and not for your everyday average waves. Get it into some fast and hollow waves, you’ll be grinning ear to ear that you have this board under your feet.

3. Sweet spot and wave warrior

Going to G-Land? These two boards will be the ones you’ll want to be wielding ready for those infamous days that will have you held up in folklore with your mates This combo is for the big fella’s, the chargers amongst us who don’t hold back and just go from broke no matter what! The Step Up by Timmy Patterson Surfboards uses a single to double concave and medium rocker, making it optimum for getting in early and naturally generating planing speed, the foam has been distributed evenly across the wide point in the center for paddle power. This board is designed to feel comfortable from the first time you ride it…a very important attribute for a board that only comes out when it gets serious. As its name states, it's a board designed to feel bang on from the first wave and all the characteristics it has to make it perfect for top to bottom surfing. Just imagine your riding those long, steep fast walls of G-Land just like Gerry Lopez and how this would fly down the line reacting to every twitch you desire to go up and down the face.

Ahh how’s the Sweet Spot on this! Made by DHD this model complements any single one of the boards mentioned within this article. Why? For one its double-layered glassing construction means it’s reinforced to take those heavy hits and reinforced around the plugs ensures it will be in one piece even if you commit to something way out of your depth and take a beating. The other good thing about it is the forward volume incorporated in the outline, making paddling a breeze and the double concave makes controlling the speed that the board generates easy. A perfect travel companion or even for home when the waves are pumping!

To make sure you’ve got the right sized board, have a read of our article on board volume to ensure you have the right craft for your next mission.

3/24/2020 10:36 PM

Why Popular Surfboard Models Sell

Why or How Popular Surfboards Models Become Best Sellers Worldwide

It is no secret that pro surfers definitely have a hand in selling boards for their shapers brands. These guys absolutely rip, and to tell the truth, they could make a door look like it surfs well. So just how important is it to take note of what the pros are surfing when you’re just an average everyday surfer?

Kelly Slater on his Glass Slipper sometime in the 90’s and on something shorter, wider, and more user-friendly to the masses in 2009. He can make both works, the rest of us will have better luck with only one. Photo: Devine/Rowland

The Mid-90’s
Just look at the mid 90’s when Slater and the whole crew were riding ridiculously thin, narrow, rocketed-out boards. Sure, they can make them work and work really well, but the masses of us “average” surfers were more or less kooking out, trying to ride these boards that were not suited to our needs, or the waves we are surfing day to day.

With that said, it is the pro’s like Slater that are still influencing us with new models…remember the Wizard Sleeve?

That was one of the game-changers for the masses to really take a look at shorter, lower rockered boards. The thing is, many shapers were already turned on to short, wide, high volume boards. It just takes someone like Slater to bring that to everyone's attention.

Replica Boards
What the pros are doing at any given moment obviously has an impact on the general consumer. The Mick Fanning Ducks Nuts Replica is one of our best-selling boards from the DHD lineup. This came out for the masses as Mick was/is tearing apart his 2015 campaign.

“You can ride the same board Mick is riding, and surely you will be surfing just like him!” … well, maybe not quite exactly like him, and maybe you shouldn’t ride exactly what he is riding…

What Darren Handley has done (which we were not seeing in the 90’s) is actually offer a few sizes in this replica model so the average surfer actually has a chance of being able to surf the board. But not too many, it is meant to be a replica after all. The board is available from a 5’10 to a 6’1.

Mick Fanning DHD Surfboard Quiver
Mick Fanning is stoked on his Ducks Nuts, and you can be too since they are offered in sizes appropriate for the average every-day surfer.

Even Mick himself made tweaks to the original Ducks Nuts…for that size range, the boards actually pack a little more volume compared to the original..meaning, overall boards are going a touch wider with a touch more volume even at the elite pro level compared to days gone by.

A current favorite surfboard
Now, let's look at the best-selling board worldwide. The popular Hypto Krypto nabs the best selling board worldwide as well as winning Surfboard of the Year award two consecutive years in a row. Is it a result of having someone like Craig Anderson pour his style all over the place on this model (most of which the waves are pumping), or is it actually because it is a user-friendly board that can be surfed in anything from knee-high slop to pumping overhead and hollow?

No on ever said the Hypto Krypto was a small wave board only. Under the right feet this board can handle! Check out more info on it’s surfboard construction options.

Having Ando show you what this board can do certainly helps, but word-of-mouth, reviews and referrals are still essential for success. If the boards didn’t work for the average surfer, they wouldn’t gain the popularity that they have now. Combining a tried and trusted design – with some tweaks and your own style – with a strong brand like Haydenshapes is going to help you sell boards. Having someone like Craig ride them doesn’t hurt either!

What Actually Works for the Average Surfer
This all coincides with the average surfer starting to understand that wider boards with a little more volume can make a world of difference to your surfing. Don’t get me wrong here, there are/were plenty of surfers that already knew this, but there are plenty of people out there that simply want their favorite pro rides.

The Mad Cat by SUPERbrand may look ultra high performance, which it is. The trick is that it is actually developed to work well for the average surfer and is super (no pun intended) versatile!

Luckily for them, many of their favorite pros are starting to ride equipment that will either suit the average surfer, and surfboard shapers know exactly how to scale boards appropriately for the average surfer. Advanced tools like the Board Engine also help avoid too many crazy board orders.

Inevitably, that is what is going to make a particular model so appealing to the worldwide market.

The vast majority of us don’t have the ability to hop on a plane and chase perfect waves around the world, our day-to-day surf session consists of average days ranging in the knee to head high and not so perfect. Usually before or after school/work when we may just be missing the right tide, wind, swell windows.

We need those wider, higher volume boards that we can actually surf if we want to maximize our precious water time. They don’t necessarily have to be hybrid models, but customizing a high-performance pro model appropriately for an average surfer goes a long way.

Another thing to consider in a board becoming popular is the combination of marketing, a user-friendly board and…accessibility. The reason brands like SUPERbrand, DHD, Haydenshapes, etc. sell so many boards is their accessibility.

There are so many great shapers and surf brands around the world. They very well may sell a lot of boards, but on the world stage they may remain relatively unknown.

While some bigger brands may have a bigger marketing budget, in reality, whether or not the board is actually going to work for the average consumer, is the most important thing. Remember, even the bigger brands were once small-time guys that simply had to shape boards that work to get them to where they are today.

After all the marketing and the accessibility, if a board does not work, the word-of-mouth stoke is not going to be there and it will be a short-lived seller. A board can look good aesthetically and be the right price, but what good is that if it surfs like a dog?

Make sure you check out the Board Engine to find a range of boards all made in America by professional shapers at the top of their crafts. Share your surfing skills and requirements with our team of surf experts for a detailed report of board recommendations for you.

3/24/2020 10:16 PM

What’s in your surf trip quiver?

Thinking about a surf trip? First thing you are going to have to think about is what boards you will need to bring.

Clearly the most important item, and once you have that figured out you can throw in some cloths, sunscreen, passports…

One of the main differences between a board and your gear is that most of things can be bought when you’re on your trip. Yes, you can buy or rent boards in some places, but you don’t really want to be feeling out a new board or taking the chance of being offered a pop-out, beat up 3 plastic fin Mal when the waves are overhead and barreling.

There is nothing like having your own equipment when surfing new spots.

With that said, you are going to want the right quiver for the waves and the places you plan on surfing.

Dave Rastavich with his Gary McNeil Concepts board quiver on a surf trip in Indonesia and the Maldives.

How many?

When traveling near or far, our experience has been that 3 boards seems to be the magic number. Minimum two, but three makes sure you have the something for most occasion, as well as giving you and extra option if you break a board.

Which ones?

The type of boards you take will essentially be based off your surfing style and the types of waves you plan on surfing. You can basically break these down to a groveler (or smaller wave board), your standard go to (what ever you surf most at home), and a step up (something that can handle when waves turn on).

Obviously this will vary depending on where you go, for example, if you’re planning on chasing some bigger waves, your groveler might be your standard board.

A good rule to follow is to make sure one of the three boards you bring is your go-to when you are at home. There is a good chance that it’ll be the board you surf most on your trip as well.

Also, be realistic about what kind of waves you can handle and your abilities. There is no sense in bringing something more suited to waves you can’t handle… It will just take up space in your board bag and probably won’t even get wet.

Checking the coastline from a different aspect, the only way a Chemistry Surfboard knows how.

New boards

If you plan on ordering a couple of new boards for your trip, consider getting them glassed a little heavier.

Let’s be honest, unless you’re among the top surfers in the world, that very little extra glassing weight is not going to hurt your performance very much. Plus, it will give you a little more security knowing that your boards will hold up to anything from heaving barrels to unhappy baggage handlers.

Order these boards with more than enough time before your trip and don’t be afraid to take them for a spin before hand either. You may not get the same type of waves, but it’ll give you a good idea of how the board paddles and performs before you head off.

Asher Pacey handling a nice wave on his Sweet Spot 2.0.

If you are only able to bring one board for some reason, a good all-rounder is what you are going to need.

Something with a round tail, or conservative round pin will work in a large variety of surf. A nice balanced tail rocker, keeping you loose in smaller surf but will hold in waves with a little more power is also a good idea.

It doesn’t hurt to go a touch longer or slightly wider or thicker either. Just to ensure you get in and under the lip when it does turn on.

A few great all-rounders that you can find on Boardcave are the Polyphonic from Album Surfboards, the Hypto Krypto by Haydenshapes Surfboards, the Pig Dog by SUPERbrand and the Sweet Spot by DHD. Most brands will have their perfect all-round board suited to handle a large variety of waves.

Clay Marzo on location for Superbrand ripping on his new signature Mad Cat model.

Where are you heading?

You should also take into consideration where you are going on your trip when deciding what boards to bring. What you might use as your groveler, your standard and your step up will depend on where in the world you might be going.

Anywhere you go will have days when it pumps, days when it is flat and all days in-between. Besides tracking the current swell for your trip, take a look at what the average days are like in the season you are traveling.

Australian Waves

Australia literally has an endless coastline where you can find every type of wave possible. Compared to somewhere like California, most swells come from deeper water father away which translates to waves with a little more punch to them. If you venture out to West Oz, this becomes even more prevalent as well as a gnarlier coastline with slabs and reefs aplenty.

So looking at the East Coast of Australia, you may want to bring something like your standard shorty like the Flash Point by Chemistry Surfboards, a step-up like the SUPER Pig Dog and a small wave board like the Quantum Quad Fish by Stamps.

In West Oz, you definitely want to bring a step up like the Black Angel by Emery, standard shorty like the Cool Story by Nation, and a board for the smaller days, but beefed up a bit and on the performance side of hybrid like the Synthetic Sally by Panda Surfboards.

A nice little stack of Essence Surfboards ready for paint, fins and glass.

US Waves

Along the California coast and down into Mexico, the waves are going to be a little softer than in Australia for the most part. Again, a wide variety of waves from the bombs of Mavericks and heavier waters of Central and Northern Cal, down to the mellow peelers of Malibu and San Onofre.

The majority of us are not about to go tackle Mavericks, so an appropriate quiver for most of California and Mexico like be something like the Grinder X by Stamps for your shorty when the waves turn on, the Lil Buddy by Carrozza for most average swells, and either a Fish mid-length or Log (or both) depending on your style like the Los Dos by Nation Surfboards, the Disc by Album or the Purchase by Canvas Surfboards.

little bit of color from laminating wizard Dave Naylor on these Nation Surfboards.

Destination Waves

trip to Indo or other tropical reef pass, far off place might require a different set up.

Since you are generally going to be surf good quality waves, many people think they need a quiver of step up boards. However, you will be surprised at what boards can handle these waves.

Since they are more structured an usually better quality, you definitely want to pack your go to shortboard that you ride at home, it’ll probably be the board you ride most here too. And yes you will need that step up (you are planning on scoring waves right?) but also don’t count out a fish or a hybrid shape like the Hypto Krypto by Haydenshapes or even the Bliss Fish by Canvas.

Not only will these boards handle so size since the waves are such good quality, they will keep you in the water when it is a little smaller.

The Hypto Krypto alongside the DHD Black Diamond.


To sum it up, you need to take the time to think about choosing the right surfboards you want to bring and what boards you will enjoy the most for the waves you plan on surfing. Having the right equipment to suit your style and needs will make or break a trip.

If money is no issue, pack as many boards as possible and think outside the box. You will be surprised at what boards work in different waves or conditions and it may open you mind up when choosing boards for a surf at home too.

But for most of us where money is limited, a 3 board quiver with removable fins is just about ideal. With the right bag, you can squeeze all three into one bag (hoping to pass for one board payment at the airline).

And if you can only bring one board, make sure it is a good all-rounder that can be surfed when it gets smaller and can handle when it gets bigger. And make sure it has a solid glass job… The last thing you want is a broken board with nothing to back it up.

Make sure you check out the Board Engine and play around with your preferred wave type and board type to find some more surfboard recommendations for your next trip. Or email [email protected] with your details for customized board recommendations.

3/24/2020 3:56 PM

Chemistry Forever

For those of you who don’t know…now ya know! Chemistry Surfboards is a small team of top notch craftsman and surfers who “design, build, create” and surf high quality boards. With a tight stable of really talented team riders spread throughout the world, the models offered by Chemistry are rigorously tested in all conditions. From heaving hurricane barrels on the East Coast, slabbing reefs in the islands, the frigid waters of the Pacific Northwest, to the everyday California conditions. Chemistry already more than likely has a model perfect for your needs, or they can certainly make one.

Go barrel hunting with boards like the Ether, Liquid Sword or the Compression when it gets really serious. Take some trusty all-rounders on trips with you like the Boombastik or the Flash Point which are essentially one board quivers.

Or have summer time fun in the mush with models like the Beer Fridge, Experimental, the Zepplin and the Wide 6. Whatever you need, just remember the Chemistry is Forever!

3/24/2020 11:44 AM

Hypto Krypto 5 fin VS thruster

Q. Is there any difference in the 3 Fin positioning on the Hypto Krypto 5 Fin?

A. Yes there is ! On the Hypto Krypto 5 fin, the 2 front fins of the 3 fin cluster are positioned 1/8 of an inch further forward.

Q. Is there a noticeable difference in the way the board surfs as a thruster?

A. Keep it super simple. This means as a thruster the the board has slightly more drive on the open face. Perfect for the Indo trip or any Aussie point break.

The beauty of it is, the Hypto Krypto 5 fin, as a Quad, will allow the board to surf tighter in the pocket as well as snappier out of the lip. This makes the board a killer performer in a Rip Bowl or Local Beachie!

Making it the perfect ONE board quiver!!!

3/24/2020 6:42 AM
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