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The Grovel Guide

by Ben P on September 20, 2017

Time to dust off those short, stubby summer wave slayers, the attack of the fat and average summer swells is here! While most brands have their go to grovelers, we decided to pull together 3 board models you will want to get your hands on.

Short, wide, playful and forgiving – That’s the best way to describe the Chemistry 4 x 4. Inspired and modified off the Wide 6, the 4×4 has a straighter outline to create a natural speed feel while the subtle hip bumps in the tail increase stability and manoeuvrability. The moderate low rocker keeps the paddle power high on this little weapon while adding to the straight outline for easy drive. The key differentiation between this and the other models featured is the incorporation of four channels. Doing so helps to boost the board down the line. Although it isn’t something you would clearly associate with small wave boards, it surprisingly helps with maintaining speed to attack the lip whilst keeping it forgiving through initiation and release of turns. We recommend riding this as a quad to truly see the 4 x 4 shine.

Not to be confused with the decadent fried doughy pastry, the Churro by Chilli is a little beast with hidden talent. Designed for small waves under the guidance of Mitch Coleborn, it features a wide outline without being too wide, maintaining its performance orientation. Being a performance style board it’s surprising how much paddle power is gained from the gentle rocker outline. It has just the right amount of lift to help propel through fatter sections allowing it to fit into the curve of the wave for aggressively attacking the lip. One unique feature in this model is the thick tail block. Normally in performance style boards, the tails are foiled out and kept nice and thin for response. However the Churros thick tail helps create stability needed in summer conditions. If you’re chasing a summer board without having it look like a summer board, you’re in luck!

The DHD XRS is one summer vehicle that will be the envy of everyone in the water. The fuller nose is complimented by a wider middle and thick tail block to help get through the flat sections. The best part is the low to flat rocker and deep single to double concaves. These are key to have when looking for a summer style groveler. Fortunately, the XRS has both which will help you excel across soft fat sections while maintaining speed to execute those tight turns you dream of in the summer.


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