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The Benefits of Surfing for Mental Health

Depression is often described like drowning whilst everyone around you is breathing. This dejected statement somewhat depicts the reality that over 18% of Americans live with in their day to day lives. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America only 36.9% of those diagnosed are seeking treatment.

But in a world where treatment can often mean symptom suppressing pills and numbing medication, people are beginning to understand that the value lies more in the treatment that addresses your overall health and well being. Studies backed by Therapist around the world are suggesting that this figurative expression of sinking below the waves, can in fact be healed by riding them.

The Mental Health Benefits of Surfing

We all associate Surfing with a healthy lifestyle, the clean ocean air, refreshing water and the physical exercise of paddling and catching waves. For Surfers it might feel obvious, surfing makes you feel good. But there’s something more cerebral, something deeper in your mind that is acting like a dose of positive energy. It can be described in many ways but there’s one word that sums it up it perfectly and that’s ‘Stoke’.

Yes, ‘Stoke’ is real.
According to scientist the natural high you get from catching a wave is a mixed release of the feel-good chemicals found in the brain also known as Neurotransmitters. So what exactly are these chemicals? And how do they get released by surfing? To get the most accurate information we spoke to reliable sources who have been studying or experiencing these effects.