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Video Review Guidelines

Earn a $50 voucher and enter our draw to win a surfboard just by submitting a video review!

Our customer review guidelines are easy, you don’t need to be a surfboard expert to submit your video.

At Boardcave, honesty gets rewarded. Help us make Boardcave the home of unbiased surfboard reviews.

What do I need to say?

Filming checklist

How to submit

Customer Examples

What do I say?

All you need to do is finish each sentence below.

Hey, this review is about my .......

The full dimensions and volume of this board are .......

My first thoughts when riding this board were .......

I have surfed this board in waves and conditions such as .......

The fins I ride in this board are ........

My favorite feature of this board is .......

If I was going to re order this board I would change .......

Filming Checklist

Before filming your review, complete a practice run by following the below checklist.

Set up in a bright, quiet space.

Set up your phone or camera on a stable surface or tripod.

Make sure your phone or camera is filming horizontal / on it's side.

Test the camera angle. Ensure your board is in the shot.

Have visibility of each question in front of you (either on a laptop screen or printed).

Think about your responses in advance so you can say them clearly in the video.

Have fun with it!

How to submit your review.

To submit your review, all you need to do is send us the file on Facebook Messenger using the button below and contact us so we can get back to you.

If your video review meets all the criteria listed below we will be in touch via email to arrange your credit voucher. Reviews may take up to a week to go live.

If you have any issues uploading, please send us a message.

Customer Examples

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