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Surfboard Leashes

Find your perfect Surfboard Leash from a large selection of Surfboard Leashes from leading brands on Our large range of Surfboard leashes has you covered for all shortboard, grovel boards, longboards and step up surfboards. With a range of different leg rope lengths and thicknesses available, we have a leash type for all conditions. Don't waste the session of the year with an annoying or weak Surfboard Leash. Make sure you are prepared and have the right surf equipment for the right surf conditions.

Select from our large range of leading brands like FCS, Octopus and SYMPL Supply Co.
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  1. Captain Fin Co
  2. Creatures of Leisure
  3. FCS
  4. Octopus
  5. Sympl Supply Co
Leash Color
Length (ft)
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