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Futures Fins have a simple installation system utilizing one insertion screw for easy access and release when traveling. Future Fins are easily locked into their durable fin box which comes in an array of colors and is capable of withstanding ripping force. Futures surfboard fins have a unique fin box that stretches the length of the fin, resulting in great durability and quick response from the base of the fin, allowing the force to drive through the body of the fin. Futures are always raising the bar, continuously designing and developing new technologies in surfboard fin manufacturing, improving performance surfing.

The company has a culture of innovation and experimentation along with calculated science that results in high-quality fins for all conditions and surfers. With an impressive lineup of pro surfers making up their such as John John Florence, Jordy Smith, Craig Anderson, Rob Machado and Dave Rastovich to name a few, you know that you have an elite set of fins under your feet.

Read our Surfboard Fin Guide, chat live, or leave an enquiry for advice on choosing the right surfboard fins.
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