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The Thruster setup is a three fin layout was developed in the early 80's by Australian Pro Surfer and Surfboard Shaper Simon Anderson. He developed the thruster to give him an advantage over the twin fin design as he was a bigger, heavier footed surfer. This may have resulted in a lack of down the line speed compared the the twin fin, but gave him the added element of control while pushing through turns. Keeping him from sliding his board out. Through experimentation, he was able to find a good balance of drive and speed with control.

The main things to consider when buying a thruster set is the fin size, base, depth and rake.

The size of the fin is based on your weight and the following general rule could be applied:

  • Small: Under 130lb (60kg)
  • Medium: Between 130-175lb (60-80kg)
  • Large: Over 175lb (80kg)

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