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MF Softboards

The MF Softboards by surfing legend Mick Fanning offers a diverse and innovative lineup of high-performance surfboards designed for surfers of all levels. These boards are popular among beginners and intermediate surfers because of their easy and proven shapes, lightweight and solid construction, and competitive prices.

MF boards have an EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) core which is extremely light and durable. The core is then wrapped with layers of Epoxy resin and premium quality E-cloth to form the internal shell. In lieu of a standard stringer, MF Surfboards come with a hybrid carbon spine that stores potential energy and progressively releases it for a smoother transition during top turns. The soft top’s exterior shell uses 4mm IXPE (irradiation cross-linked polyethylene) for the deck skin and HDPE (high-density polyethylene) for its bottom skin.

MF Surfboards are designed with performance in mind without compromising the best qualities of soft top surfboards. Check out the popular all rounder MF x DHD Black Diamond that can suit surfers looking to take that next step to a shorter board or advanced surfers who are looking for a fun board that can suit all conditions.

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