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Big Guy Surfboards

Let's be honest and let's be proud. You can't surf the same size boards your whole life and why would you when there's a booming market of extremely well designed high volume boards waiting to be tried. So whether you've been bulking at the gym or embracing the beers on the regular, these are big guy surfboards that are going to pick your surfing up and keep you stoked.

Single fins and retro twin fins such as the Holiday from Chemistry are a great way to get you catching tonnes of waves. For a more performance attack approach check out the Black Diamond or 3DX from DHD. Why not use your weight as an advantage to throw buckets of water when you put your surfboard on rail, look no further then the Phantom XL by Pyzel Surfboards. At Boardcave we do everything we can to make sure everyone is riding the right board. If you need more help deciding, don't hesitate to get in touch via chat.

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