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Browse Boardcave's selection of Surfskates to keep you surfing when the waves aren't working. Surfskates are refined skateboards that have special trucks designed to give you the closest rail to rail surfing experience you can find out of the water. The trucks on a surf skate move on an additional plane due to the unique mounting, resulting in an extra axis of rotation.

Surfskates are ideal for surf training and they allow you to carve to generate momentum on flat ground by pumping the nose of the board. Browse the range of popular surf skates from YOW Surf and Waterborne Skateboards. If have an existing skateboard, then check out the Waterborne Surf Adapter Kit that will transform any skateboard into a high performance surf skate.

Get on board with the latest trend to keep you frothing even when the swell isn't. Need help finding the best one? Checkout our Surfskate Buying Guide or Click Here To Ask An Expert.

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