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Surf Accessories

Browse through our range of the latest Surfboard Accessories including Surfboard Traction Pads, Leg Ropes, Surfboard Bags, Surfboard Fins, Surf Wax, Racks & Straps and much more. At Boardcave, we only stock and sell the best surf accessories made by established and trusted brands around America and worldwide.

Boardcave is your one stop shop to find and buy the best Custom Surfboards and Stock Surfboards including all the Surf Hardware you need from the leading surfboard brands around the world.

Wetsuit Size
Wetsuit Thickness
Board Cover Type
Wheel Durometer
  1. 78A
Fin System
Fin Size
  1. XS
  2. S
  3. M
  4. L
  5. XL
  6. 2XL
Grip Placement
Leash Length (ft)
  1. XS
  2. S
  3. M
  4. L
  5. XL
Towel Style
Original Formula
Sticky Bumps


The Original Formula by Sticky Bumps offers a durable and sticky grip for your surfboard. They use an all natural and non toxic formula which is biodegradable. It also has a nice blueberry scent and is made in the USA.

There is nothing worse than having a slippery board while surfing. Make sure to always have a block of wax with all your surf gear.

Temperature Guide:

  • Cold below 60°F (15°C)
  • Cool between 58°F - 68°F (14°C - 19°C)
  • Warm between 64°F - 74°F (18°C - 24°C)
  • Tropical above 75°F (28°C)
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Stretch Cover
Captain Fin Co


This stretch cover by Captain Fin Co comes in different shapes and sizes to fit your board. It offers protection for your surfboard against scratches and dings while transporting it. Additionally, it protects from the harsh UV light, dust and wax. 


  • Lightweight protection
  • Prevents wax from ruining things
  • High quality polyester
  • Wax pocket
  • Padded nose block
  • Drawstring closure at tail
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Re-Leash Pro
Sympl Supply Co


The Re-Leash Pro by Sympl is Eco-Friendly and made by using old plastic bottles. The German TPU cord minimizes dragging and tangling and it is designed to be strong without compromising comfort. It is the perfect leash for everyday surf conditions.


  • 6mm Thickness
  • Made with post consumer plastic bottles.
  • Redesigned for maximum strength, performance and comfort.
  • Durable lightweight German TPU cord for minimal tangle & drag.
  • 1.75”  Neoprene quick release ankle cuff for maximum comfort.
  • Re-Web waterproof coated webbing for durability & UV resistance.
  • 360º flexible horn and base for extra comfort and reduced tangling. 
  • Molded super grip velcro and a reinforced laser engraved hypalon pull tab.
  • 1″  Detachable triple-wrap rail saver.
  • Custom branded jacquard string + key pocket.
  • Stainless steel double swivels

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There is nothing more important than protecting your face and body on the beach. The Mineral SPF50 Sun Bum formula will definetly offer the protection that you need. This is a zinc based mineral sunscreen lotion. It is lightweight, moisturizing and non greasy. On top of that, it is the most natural formula that Sun Bum produces. It will shield your skin from damaging UVA/UVB rays. This sunscreen is water resistent for 80 minutes.

This product is also Hypoallergenic, Reef Friendly, Oxybenzone Free & Octinoxate Free, Cruelty Free, Vegan, Mineral Oil Free, Paraben Free, Gluten Free, PABA Free, Chemical Sunscreen Free, Non-Nano Zinc, Propylene Glycol Free, Retinyl Palmitate Free, Silicone Free, Dye Free and Dermatologist Tested. 

Now you can enjoy the beach safely with a good conscious!

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The FCS Day All Purpose Surfboard Bag is super light and durable. It's everything you need from a day use surfboard bag. Transport your boards safely for every session.


  • Lightweight: Lightweight material minimises weight. 30% lighter than previous model.

  • 5mm High Density Padding: Reliable protection for everyday use and storage.

  • Contoured Stretch Fit: A unique ‘armadillo’ strip provides and snug and secure fit around your boards and promotes air ventilation.

  • 3D Rail Protection: High density foam fits closely to the shape of your surfboard rails.

  • Expandable Fin Wing: Transport your board with or without fins. 

  • Ergonomic Shoulder Pad: Next level comfort and support.

  • Marine Grade Zippers: Resistance to seizing, built for strength and durability.

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The Machado Signature Twin Fin + Trailer is the first twin fin produced in the popular Blackstix construction. Designed in collaboration with Rob Machado, this fin template features a more upright shape, with a smaller trailing fin for added stability when needed.

The V2 foil allows the fin to generate speed easily, offering smooth rail to rail transitions. The combination of carbon and bamboo materials create a very lively feel, ideal for high performance surfing.

This set performs great in waves ranging from 2’-8’, in everything from soft beach breaks to fast point breaks. See more

The lightweight Techflex material and responsive flex pattern continues to be the ideal choice for one of the most progressive, high performance surfers in the world and is now offered in a size that best fits surfers in the large range.

Large (180lb+) (80kg+) See more

The John John Florence Techflex signature fin was designed by John to be a larger compliment to the F4 template. The lightweight Techflex material and responsive flex pattern proves to be the ideal choice for one of the most progressive, high performance surfers in the world. This balanced fin hosts a medium base that carries through to a medium tip and is John John’s weapon of choice in all conditions. Size: Medium (65kg - 88kg) See more

The signature Jordy Smith Futures Fins are designed for medium sized surfers (145 - 195lbs) in a thruster template. This new fin template has been refined and tested with Jordy in all conditions. The honeycomb construction distributes the flex through the core of the fin. The extra rake that runs through to a thinner tip allows medium sized surfers to perform powerful smooth turns.

These fins offer release when needed with the ability to apply pressure to release the fins off the top. The Jordy Smith Medium Thruster template is perfect for high performance surfing with lots of speed and drive. See more

The Rob Machado 8.5" Single Fin is perfect for single fin short boards, mid-lengths, eggs and logs.

The Machado single fin has a longer base providing you with plenty of drive and holding your line but maintains a more upright template for maneuverability. See more


The Noº4 Powder BlueTraction Pad from Sympl combines three-piece performance with simple, slick design. This pad includes High 45º / 90º Kick with a medium arch and 3M adhesive to ensure it stays on your board.

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