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Mid Length Surfboards

Mid length surfboards are all about easy surfing. The extra length and volume provide plenty of float and paddle power; some are designed to hold trim on the points and some are still really shreddable. Whatever the design, once you experience the joy of extra length you will most likely be addicted. Mid lengths fall into a size range ranging from approximately 6'8 to 8'8. They are the type of board where any skill of surfer can meet in the middle and be happy. For surfers progressing into smaller boards, they can be a great option for learning to surf more lively and for short boarders, they can provide a cruisy ride for smaller days or early entry into tubes. Check out our range of Mid Length single fins, twin fins, quads and more. Please Note: Some models will have to be custom ordered in mid-length dimensions.

Popular Mid Lengths include the Haydenshapes Cannon and Noll Surfboards Mid Size Egg and the higher performance Parabolic Egg. It's also worth checking out Album's crowd-pleaser, the Social, or get experimental with the asymmetrical tail on the Townsend.

Need some help finding the right mid length board? Checkout our Mid Length Surfboard Buying Guide which explains what you need to consider when buying a mid length surfboard.
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