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Also known as the front side warrior, Dan ‘Mannkine’ Mann has had a career quietly pushing the envelope for more than two decades. Experienced in making longboards, paddleboards and surfboards, the subtle differences in Mann’s shaping highlight just how important personal preferences in surfboards are. Mannkine boards took center stage when Kelly Slater was seen riding the FRK in 2017, eventuating in the public release of the FRK in collaboration with Slater Designs.

Dan Mannkine Mann Surfboards

Dan Mann is your quintessential sun-kissed, down to earth Southern Californian. He’s called Coronado home since moving from Maui, Hawaii at the age of 12. From a young age surfing the east coast, Mann’s interest in shaping grew through repairing his own boards. Eventually he made the leap into professional shaping with the inception of his own brand Mannkine.

A true water aficionado, Mann’s background as a lifeguard, surfer and champion paddle boarder has taken him all around the world. However for Mann, there’s no place like his home waters where he believes his best ideas are born.

Mann has been on the shaping scene for quite some time, however it was the unlikely story of the FRK which thrust him into the shaping spotlight. The board made for Kelly Slater in 2015, sat in Slater’s storage for two years un-surfed before he stumbled back upon it in 2017; eventually slingshotting the board to popularity after Slater's performance on it at Trestles. The quiet achiever of the shaping worlds, Mann’s intricate details and subtle performance shapes are backed by years in and around the water.

Mann's 2020 fun model the Twice Baked has been a sell out. Built in the eco friendly TimberTek, it is a small wave performance machine!

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