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Ocean Tides

The Ocean Tides that occur in every ocean around the world everyday and are in a constant state of change. Tides are influenced by both the Earth's rotation and the Moon. The gravitational pull of the moon affects our tides and causes them to rise and drop in a constant state of flow.

You will generally find the during the full and new moon phases, the ocean tide will have the biggest change from high tide to low tide and back. A full or new moon will generally see tides that go higher than normal during the high tide mark and lower then average during the low tide point.

Tides affect the quality and shape of the waves we surf, with some spots being more affected than others due to the bottom depths and contours. For the most part though, higher tides will soften out waves to some degree and lower tides will generally cause the waves to break more abruptly, potentially causing dumpy waves. Some surfing spots handle higher tide better, and some lower.

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