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Boardcave’s Portable Surf Shower Buying Guide

In our constant search for the perfect wave there is just no telling where our next surfing location is. And if it is on the beaten path then there is no chance that a good hot shower would be waiting at the end of the day. We love the outdoors but some of us would still like to enjoy some of the simple pleasures such as taking a shower after a hot day at the beach. Necessity being the mother of all inventions, someone just had to come up with a portable surf shower to answer this need.

What to Look for in a Portable Surf Shower?

The most important thing to consider when selecting which portable outdoor shower to use is its intended purpose. Factors you should think about are where you are going to use it, how many people, and how long you are going to stay outdoors. If you find yourself in cold conditions for example, a heated portable shower is something that is something that should be high on the list.

Tank capacity. When it comes to size, a good indication of how much water these carry.

Portable surf showers come in various capacities, anywhere from a few gallons up to 5 gallons or more. Some portable outdoor showers are even more handy requiring no tanks, just a clean source of water.

Size and compactness. A portable outdoor shower can be as small as a tankless handheld shower to cooler-sized, beachbox portable showers. Of course, it still depends on your intended purpose or location. If your surfing location requires a fair amount of hiking over beaten paths then having something smaller is the logical choice. If you are planning to drive directly to the beach then the size of the portable outdoor shower should not be a concern.

Construction. Anything intended for outdoor use should be extremely durable and this ultimately depends on the materials used for its construction. It is hard to determine what exact materials do manufacturers use in their portable showers but a general rule is that bigger, heavier portable showers are more durable compared to their more portable counterparts.

Powered or pumped. Some of the best portable surf showers are powered by batteries. This is to provide water pressure when showering and even heats the water up. But if you want something more spartan and also does the same job then pumped powered portable surf showers are the way to go. No more worrying about dead batteries. Some pumped portable showers use solar power to heat the water.

Additional Features. For creatures who still want to enjoy a hot shower in the outdoors then some of these portable surf showers got you covered. Anywhere from having heated water to help you fight off the cold.

Portable Outdoor Shower Accessories. If you want to go the whole nine-yards or want to step up the game then having these accessories are a must. These include shower tents, waterproof mat, and shower shoes. Shower tents provide you privacy and also work for your portable toilet. If you’re currently using a gravity powered portable surf shower, you could also hang it here for hands free use.

Water Flow Types

Portable outdoor showers work around the same concept. The difference is how water is delivered. Below we take a look at one major difference among portable surf showers.

Gravity. Nothing is simpler than this. It is basically having a water container over your head and letting gravity do the job. These are the cheapest and most compact and anyone with some practical skills can go the DIY route. Downside is that it can be cumbersome. It requires something or someone to hold it above your head.

Pump powered. You must have a decent amount of water pressure to help you get the sand and saltwater off your body. Pump powered portable surf showers come with foot or hand pumps to provide a decent amount of pressure. This along with nozzle sprays act together to increase water flow. Downside is that it requires physical work and pressure depends on how hard you pump.

Electric/Battery powered. If you are looking for the best portable surf shower then this should certainly be on top of your list. It offers steady, strong water pressure and even allows you to adjust settings accordingly. Compared to power pumps, these are easier to use. However, expect these to be more expensive and they are basically useless if the battery runs out.

Portable Surf Shower – Buy or not to buy

Just because you enjoy the outdoors doesn’t mean you also have to smell like it. If your home is a few hours from the beach then freshening up for the long trip back is a good idea. Seawater can damage your hair, it also leaves it tangled, fade color, and irritates the scalp. Most portable surf showers are easy to carry and no bigger than a small bag. Should you buy it? Showering reduces the risk of skin infections. Just like showering after a workout, it removes any impurities and bacteria.