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Surfboard Ding Repair

Surfboards often get damaged, or dinged. Surfboard Ding Repair is essential for making sure you can keep that board in the water for a long time to come. If you do get a surfboard ding, it is important to know right away if you have a board made of polyurethane foam and polyester resin (PU/PE), one with PU foam and Epoxy resin or EPS/Epoxy, otherwise simply called an Epoxy Surfboard.

Each situation calls for a different approach to your surfboard repair as they need slightly different materials that are compatible with each other. A good example is that is you have a board with an EPS foam core, you have to use epoxy resin. Polyester resin (most commonly found on the standard PU/PE boards), will melt the EPS foam. Epoxy resin, however, is compatible with all the different types of foam, but if you are using it to repair a board made with PU/PE, it will not fully bond to the existing polyester resin that the board was made of. This will work as a temporary solution, but eventually will need to be repaired properly to avoid any future problems.

There are many resources available for you to fix surfboard dings, but if you are unable to get a surfboard ding repair kit or simply do not have the time or the space to do so, there are many professional ding repair shops near every populated surf area. Most surf shops offer either a ding repair service or they can send your board off to a local ding repair shop for you.

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