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Tomo Surfboards pioneer pushing the envelope. Renowned shaper Daniel ‘Tomo’ Thomson grew up in Lennox Heads influenced by surfing and shapers from an early age. Now as a key collaborator for Firewire, Tomo boards advocate innovation and speed. Tomo’s passion for hydrodynamics and pursuit of ‘engineering a feeling’ unearthed his unique shapes in performance shortboards. In his own words, there are no real rules; it's all about an experience.

El Tomo fish surfboard

Daniel ‘Tomo’ Thompsons earliest memories are with shaper tools in his hands alongside his father Mark Thompson, also notable as a hydrodynamic architect and shaper. At the age of 14 Tomo began shaping his own board purely to excel his surfing along the popular right-hand point of Lennox Heads. Over years of refining his work, Tomo unlocked new ways of thinking and cemented himself in the elite but slim group of those who can rip just as good as they shape.

His fascination of how a wave works and technical pursuit of what goes fast has unleashed some of the most unique and sought-after shapes in the modern era. In 2012, Tomo’s unconventional approach of rectangular noses and changing tail configurations seen on the Vader and Vanguard reached a global platform when Tomo boards partnered with Slater designs at Firewire as a key collaborator.

Arguably his most popular design, the Sci-Fi continues to live up to its name; Imaginative and futuristic concept shaped by science and technology. Stu Kennedy’s performance on it at the 2016 Quicksilver Pro Snapper Rocks was the world's introduction to exactly what the Sci-Fi was capable of. Since remaining a favorite on the surf racks, you’ll find it hard to come by someone who has anything bad to say about this board.

Tomo's 2020 model the El Tomo Fish is another design that personifies the TOMO brand. Using inspiration from a Fighter Jet's wing design to shape the outline. As seen in the image to the left.

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