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Ordering FAQ

How accurate is the Board Engine for finding and selecting the best surfboard model size for me?

The Board Engine has been developed with our leading Australian and American surfboard shapers to find the most relevant surfboards for your individual needs. The Board Engine scientifically prescribes each surfboard model size based on a complex algorithm that analyses the variables of each surfboard model, connecting them with your user profile. Once you place a surfboard order, your customer profile (weight, height, ability etc) and your surfboard order gets reviewed by the shaper. This is done as an extra precaution to ensure every surfboard ordered on is right for the customer.

How long will it take for my surfboard to be manufactured?

We are ourselves surfers and know that waiting for a new custom surfboard can be harder than getting barrels at Teahupoʻo. The process for crafting a custom surfboard is not a job you want to be rushed and the factory will always prioritize quality over rushing through high volumes of boards. Times will vary depending on the size, shape and any extras on your board. Some factors that can increase the manufacturing time are artwork, channels, boards over 6’ 5” in length and any other extras. The factories are also limited by their staff and the supply of materials, during peak seasons and pandemics this can lead to some factories having longer than usual lead times. Rest assured that your board is on its way to you.

What Types of payment do you accept? is proud to accept Visa and MasterCard. We do not accept cash, cheques or cash on delivery.

Can I make a change to an existing order?

Sure. You may make changes to your order up until your order has begun being processed. Please contact us by LIVE CHAT or email immediately with the order modifications you would like [email protected]. Please note: that not all changes can be guaranteed as surfboard orders may be too far into the manufacturing process. Ensuring that your order is correct on the checkout page is the best way to save any disappointment at a later date. We advise you carefully read through everything you have selected on our checkout page to ensure you are happy with your order prior to clicking the “Buy Now” button.

Can I order by phone or email?

Yes we do accept orders via phone: +1 (415) 949-5026. We do not accept orders via email because we do not record any payment details for under our Privacy Policy. To place an order please follow the steps and select your surfboard or surf hardware and process your payment on the checkout page of our website - our friendly staff will be happy to help you out using the LIVE CHAT feature at the bottom left of your screen.

Thinking of removing items from your cart?

On the checkout page, prior to clicking “Buy Now” simply click the small red remove icon to remove any item listed in your order. If you would like to then add this product again, click the small green icon to then add this product to your order again.

What happens if something I order is out of stock?

The inventory system removes out of stock items from the online store, but occasionally an item sells out within seconds of your order confirmation. If an item on your order is sold out, we will still ship the available products and you will be contacted with an explanation. If your order has been charged you will be provided with a full refund immediately. Our customer service team will do everything they can to satisfy your order, but popular items can sell out quickly.

What if my credit card shows multiple charges?

All orders are processed as one charge. If for any reason you have multiple charges when you have only processed one order, please contact our Customer Service Department ([email protected]) immediately for assistance, if the charge needs to be removed.

What If I am ordering and there is an error in the checkout?

If you have any Technical Issues whilst using the site, please contact our Customer Service Department and we will assist you immediately: [email protected] or use the LIVE CHAT.

Where is my confirmation email?

If you did not receive a confirmation email within a few minutes of successfully placing your order then you may have entered your email address incorrectly. Another reason you may not have received the email is if your ISP flagged our confirmation email as spam. All confirmation emails are sent from [email protected]. Please contact us on +1 (415) 949-5026 or at [email protected] or by LIVE CHAT. Please provide your full name and receipt number that is provided when your confirmation email fails on the confirmation page. (Eg: Receipt #5073f6f76468e)

How do I change my delivery address? cannot be held responsible for an incorrect address being entered on your order. Address confirmation is given on the checkout page. If this is not noticed until after your order is finalised, please contact Customer Service immediately ([email protected]). We will attempt to update any incorrect order details, however is not liable for any changes of address.

How do I know where and when to Pick Up my surfboard?

You can select to Pick Up your surfboard from the shaper. You will be notified via email when your surfboard is ready to be picked up from the shapers location. The shapers address will be specified on your confirmation email. NOTE: You will be required to present ID (eg. drivers license, bank card) when picking up your surfboard or you can provide your receipt ID detailed on your confirmation email (Eg: Receipt #5073f6f76468e).

What currency are prices displayed in?

All prices are shown in American Dollars.

How do I keep up to date with sales, new surfboards and surf hardware on the

The best way to stay up to date with and our leading surfboard shapers and surf hardware companies would be to Subscribe to our mailing list. Emails are sent out updating customers on new brands, new stock deliveries and new surfboard model and surf hardware releases.

Do you have a size guide?

To determine your size please use the Board Engine, which will recommend a suitable selection of best surfboard models and their best sizes for you. Alternatively use our LIVE CHAT to speak with one of our experienced customer service representatives.