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The inception of Malo'o dates back to 2016 when an enthusiastic outdoorsman, deeply connected to water, mountains, and travel, founded the company. The idea took root after a morning surf session left Phil with a soaked wetsuit in his SUV, resulting in an unpleasant odor by day's end. Frustrated with the lack of suitable drying solutions, Phil, having recently sold his tech company, sought a new project. Consulting his surf buddies, he discovered they faced similar challenges, prompting him to address the issue.

After multiple iterations, Phil introduced a prototype on Kickstarter, receiving substantial support. In naming the company, he chose "Malo'o" to honor his ancestors and their teachings about respecting the universe, nature, land, and sea; "Malo'o" translates to "dry" in Hawaiian. Today, Malo'o products, including DryPacks, Seat Covers, Outerwear, and the Lounge Wagon, are available worldwide, evolving based on customer feedback.

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