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Kids Wetsuits

For any American family who spends plenty of time in the water, whether it be at the beach, lake or pool, getting a kids wetsuit is an essential piece of gear to keep kids safe from the sun, warm in cold or windy conditions, in addition to avoiding rashes and chafe to keep them comfortable all year around. See below as we touch on the various kinds of kids wetsuits that are offered in the U.S as well as what to look for when buying a wetsuit for kids.


Let's start by looking at a selection of wetsuit kids categories, designed for children. For example the baby wetsuit and toddler wetsuit ranges are extremely popular, you can view our range for boy and girl options below to help you keep the kids warm in the water, while offering sun protection in the hotter months. Neoprene is the most commonly used material in modern wetsuits, it’s soft and kind to the skin, while being flexible enough for the kids to move freely when playing at the beach. To make changing easier, certain baby wetsuits may also include easy or extra zips to make it easier to get the suit on and off.


Boys wetsuits and girls wetsuits are also available for older children. These wetsuits are offered in a range of designs and styles to accommodate the tastes of any child. Boys' wetsuits often include their favorite colors and prints, while girls may prefer some of our wetsuits with vibrant colors or patterns. 


Kids rash shirts and baby rash shirts are available options in addition to wetsuits. These tops are thinner, quick to dry, and offer amazing sun protection. They can be worn alone or under a wetsuit for extra rash protection and or warmth. Rash shirts are a great option for kids since they have delicate skin and are more likely to become sunburnt or chafed. They are often worn in the summer months as they are a cooler option for warmer waters. 


There are a number of things to think about when buying a wetsuit for your children. First and foremost, it's crucial to purchase the proper size. A wetsuit that is too big will not keep your youngster warm, while a wetsuit that is too small will be uncomfortable and impede movement. It's a good idea to take your child's height, chest, and waist measurements and compare them to our manufacturer's sizing chart.


Next, think about the wetsuit's thickness. To accommodate a range of water temperatures, wetsuits come in various thicknesses. In some locations around the U.S, the water may get cold and windy, a wetsuit with a thickness of 3mm + is advised. You will want to think about a thicker wetsuit if you want to swim in seas that are colder like northern California in winter or even on some colder, windy days in summer. You may want to look into our range of wetsuit hoods, gloves and boots. We also offer a kids wetsuit hood built into the suit for extra protection in year round colder water. 


The wetsuit's type of closure or zipper placement is another thing to take into account. Kids' wetsuits often have a front or rear zip. Back zip wetsuits are simple to put on and take off. Wetsuits with front zips can be slightly more comfortable to wear but can be a little more challenging to put on and take off, especially with kids. Wetsuits with long arms can be harder to put on, especially with smaller babies or toddlers. 


It's crucial to think about the material and manufacturing quality when buying a wetsuit. At Boardcave we test all our products and select the best quality to share with our community across the U.S and the world. We always look for wetsuits constructed of high-quality neoprene that will last for many seasons and be durable enough for everyday use. The suits we select must be able to avoid leaks, the zippers must be of high quality and the stitching should be durable.


For any American family who appreciates spending time in the sea, kids' wetsuits are a need. From infant wetsuits to boys' and girls' wetsuits, there are a variety of wetsuits available to suit all ages and interests. Don't forget to think about a kids rash guard shirt to protect them from the sun, chafe and wind. Remember, to think about a wetsuit's size, thickness, closure, and material and construction quality before deciding what suit is best for your kids. Message our team below or chat live if you need any recommendations on the best suits for your children.

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