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FCS Fins

Brand: FCS Fins
Product: Surfboard Fins
Phone: +61 2 9997 4744
FCS fins developed the original removable fin system that revolutionized modern day surfing and raised the bar for performance, providing surfers with increased drive and manoeuvrability in all conditions. Today FCS Surfboard fins continue to do so with their huge range of surf fins to suit all surfboards and weather conditions. Their surfboard fin range has something to offer everyone from the competitive surfer to the weekend warrior. FCS fins allow you to easily remove your fins with an allen key for easy travel or to experiment with a range of fins in different conditions. Check out their quad and thruster fin setups and everything in between on FCS fins are designed to break at the tabs when exposed to excessive force, reducing the damage to your surfboard and allowing for them to be easily replaced.

With a dream team of pro surfers including Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Damien Hobgood, CJ Hobgood, Julian Wilson, Ozzie Wright, Sunny Garcia, Layne Beachley and Chippa Wilson to name a few, it's no wonder they really work and are a popular choice for surfers around the world. Match the right pair of FCS fins with the right surfboard from our Premium listing shapers and improve your all round performance in the water.

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FCS Materials

  • FCS Ultra Light (UL) - For ultimate performance  - Images by FCS.
  • Composite Core (CC) - For the ultimate response - Images by FCS
  • Performance Core (PC) - Designed to mimic a traditional fiberglass surfboard fin, but FCS has used high grade materials to reduce weight, resulting in optimal performance - Images by FCS
  • Performance Glass (PG) - Images by FCS
  • Glass Flex (GF) - Images by FCS

FCS Thruster Fins

  • JW-1 Fins - Images by FCS
  • UL-3 Fins - Images by FCS
  • UL-7 Fins - Images by FCS
  • PC-2 Fins - Images by FCS
  • PC-3 Fins - Images by FCS
  • PC-5 Fins - Images by FCS
  • PC-2 Graphic Fins - Images by FCS
  • PC-3 Graphic Fins - Images by FCS
  • PC-5 Graphic Fins - Images by FCS
  • PC-7 Graphic Fins - Images by FCS
  • PC-3 Bamboo Core Fins - Images by FCS

FCS Quad Fins

  • K2.1 PC - Kelly Slater's signature quad set. K2.1 PC - Images by FCS
  • S25 - Simon Anderson's signature quad set - Images by FCS
  • Q-PC3 - The ideal all round performance quad setup - Images by FCS
  • Q-PC5 - The ideal all round performance quad setup - Images by FCS
  • Q-3Xc - M-3 fins in the side and the G-X centres in the rear. Consistency in the water with all round performance - Images by FCS
  • TC Aqua-Line - Tom Carroll's signature quad set. For the ultimate performance on the rail  - Images by FCS
  • SF4 PC Quad - William 'Stretch' Riedel's signature quad set  - Images by FCS

FCS Videos - The Evolution Continues

FCS Drive - 2007 from FCS on Vimeo.

Julian Wilson Signature Fin - JW-1 from FCS on Vimeo.



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