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If there's one place besides the ocean a surfer can discover the tools to satisfy their lifestyles, it’s the surfboard shop. After surfing transcended into a way of life in the late 50’s and 60’s, the surfboard shop became the hub of everything you needed and more to surf.

Born from minimalist origins as converted garages with laidback opening hours, wooden countertops and bundles of blanks; If you lived near a beach, you knew exactly where your local surf shop was. Their vitality came from being a home away from home, a place to stop by for a condition update or a chance to run into your favorite local surfer.

Flash forward in one of the biggest sporting industries in the world and your closest surf shop is likely to be a fully provisioned factory-retail outlet. Or if you're well immersed in 21st century shopping, everything you need is at your fingertips, phone or computer.

Boardcave grew from humble beginnings to meet the needs of surfers shopping online. Today we operate globally to meet the needs of surfers around the world. With a focus on technology, Boardcave is committed on advancing the way surfers discover and buy surfboards online.

Regardless of the changing faces of surfboard shops, the cultural functions and relevance remain the same. The surfboard shop will always be an anchored necessity of the surf world.

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