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10% Off Chemistry Surfboards - Including Free Fins, T-Shirt & Wax

Chemistry Surfboards

Chemistry Surfboards are offering 10% Off all their models

A free set of Captain Fin Co Fins + Chemistry T-Shirt and a block of wax!

Limited Time Only

Chemistry Surfboards have one of the most unique ranges of performance and hybrid shapes. If you've been thinking about getting a fresh new blade then now's your chance to grab a great deal.

How it Works

Simply order your discounted Chemistry board and forward your order receipt to [email protected] to arrange your free set of Captain Fin Co fins, T-shirt and Wax.

Offer ends June 1st, so get in quick!

Orders for polyurethane boards are in the 3-4 week range with alternative construction (EPS, Flextronic, stringerless carbon rail) boards taking 4-5 weeks to complete.
5/14/2019 6:18 PM

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