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Billabong's Halfway to the Horizon ft. Italo, Tyler and Eithan

Life’s Better in Boardshorts, Chapter 10: Halfway to the Horizon. Follow along as the eclectic crew of Billabong team riders; Italo Ferreira, Tyler Warren and Eithan Osborne take off on a tropical strike mission. It's actually kind of rad to see this group of contrasting styles surf together.

Something worth noting is the ridiculous airs Italo pulls off. Theres a great scene where Tyler and Eithan are getting their minds blown from Italo's surfing as their watching from the channel. If you're wondering what Italo's magic board is, it's his signature model from Timmy Patterson The F-15. Italo's ability to create speed and do huge airs is mostly talent but he certainly has the right board under his feet. Check it out below.

Italo Ferreira Surfboard - T Patterson Surfboards
6/10/2019 4:58 PM

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