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Brixton’s Lee Wilson

Enjoy Lee Wilson’s latest piece by Alessio Saraifoger. Filmed in Wilson’s hometown of Umalas, Indonesia where waves are plentiful and most certainly not lacking in quality. The film photos and animations by Lee himself make for an interesting mix of winsomeness and mystery, two things Indonesia is very well known for, alongside some genuine shredding makes for an enjoyable 5 minutes of your life. Watch the full clip below.

Lee is surfing on a Chilli surfboards FADED model. Brainchild of Jamie Cheal, this board was designed to perform exactly how Lee demonstrates in the video. The design incorporates an outline that was developed for speed and drive and creates an optimum balance in decent sized swells. The twin carbon strips reinforce the length of the board while still allowing optimum flex throughout a manoeuvre and keeping the board at the highest level of performance.

The Chilli BLACK VULTURE also makes a cameo in this clip, a board that Lee describes as “my favourite, super versatile and holds speed well”. The BLACK VULTURE has been designed for when one is looking for that extra paddle power, the wide point has been placed further forward than a regular shortboard shape make this board into a wave catching machine. The bump swallow tail combined with a single concave to vee out the tail provides you with forgiveness and stability under foot. Perfect for smooth, clean point breaks and beach breaks.

10/12/2017 11:22 PM