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Crusty Classics ~ The Blueprint

A little throwback Thursday going on today. Shane Dorian is known today mostly due to the size of his gonads and his reputation as a charging nutcase by committing to some seriously big paddle in waves at Jaws, and terrifyingly open barrels at pipe year in year out. However, what most are unaware of is his prowess and style on smaller waves. For over a decade Shane spent each year on the CT, clocking up a bag of impressive results you’d expect from a surfer as smooth as he is. But in 2004, Shane departed the tour to chase 2 projects, one was Taylor Steele’s Campaign 2 – the other being his own biopic. The Blueprint documents Shane’s career and gives a pretty interesting insight into his way of thinking in the XXL conditions modern surfers have grown to know. Highlights of this movie not only include a rad soundtrack that really suits his surfing but more notably 3 critical sections.

The Opener – if you want to see someone as committed to and effortlessly surf pipe and backdoor this is a perfect example. This part kicks off around the 3:30min mark and really paints a good picture of what the movie direction will take you through.

Andy & Shane at Cloudbreak – Shane speaks very highly of the late and great Andy Irons, describing his power and style on his backhand as a style that shines the most in really perfect waves, especially lefts – of course, Andy got the best wave in the section. More importantly, this part is still incredibly relevant today and it’s a good 12 years old! Fast-forward to 7min to get this section into gear.

Shane’s Mind – at 29:30min, Taj paints a pretty accurate picture of what Shane Dorian is today – a maniac. The footage that follows and what he says about committing to waves of consequence holds true to his ability. However, it’s how he describes the feeling of going over the falls and taking a beating is what is eerily sinister. Most people wouldn’t say taking a beating is part of the fun, yet for Shane it’s what keeps him in check to charge harder and take a different line to everyone else in the lineup.

It’s a long movie and not one you can get away with on an extended toilet break. This one deserves your full attention and a couple of beers. By the end of the movie you’ll count Shane Dorian as one of your favorite surfers to date, Enjoy!

5/30/2017 11:01 PM

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